2012 Holiday Gift Guide {Toddlers}

Now that it’s officially December I think it is safe to talk about shopping for Christmas presents! Of course I know many of you probably started shopping the sales last year or even on Black Friday (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday etc). I wasn’t ready then but I am now!

Today I am going to start with gifts for the 2 and under set. It’s my last year with an official baby and even though some people want to call Calvin a toddler, I’m not buying it! Don’t come at me with that crazy talk. Just check out some of our favorite goodies and shop away! 

Gifts for age 2 and under

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  • Balls: A ball is something pretty much every baby will love. I like this set from B. toys because they are colorful and each one has a different texture. $9.99 from Target.
  • Cozies: Small babies will enjoy small soft toys they can actually hold. We love North American Bear company and these Sleepyhead Dinosaur Baby cozies are adorable. And they come in a set of two in case you need a back up. $20
  • Safari Truck: The Zoo Talkers toy from Fisher Price is still a hit in our house, but Calvin especially loves the Safari Truck. You can get them both on Amazon! The truck is $20.
  • Tugboat: I loved this tugboat from Green Toys so much that I bought 3 of them this year and gave them as gifts! It’s fun and functional for the bath or pool in the summer. $12.99 on Diapers.com.
  • Rockin’ Guitar: We love LeapFrog toys but this one surprised me. I expected Oscar to really dig this little guitar when I reviewed it but as it turns out, Calvin is ALL over it. He brings it to me every day saying TAR !! so I will turn it on and start the music. It’s great because it’s all touch so there are no buttons to get all goopy if something spills. (not that that would EVER happen….) Ohh it’s on sale for $21.99 at LeapFrog!
  • Microphone: Keeping with the music theme, we LOVE this little microphone from B. Toys. You can play the preset songs, record your own voice and play it back and even speed up or slow down the music! It’s great for little hands to hold and a lot of fun for daddies too. *ahem* $11.99 at Target
  • The Snowman Book: I love holiday books and The Snowman ($4.99) was one of our BabyCenter picks last week so I had to pick it up. It’s a classic picture book that comes as a board book. The original did not have any text, but the one we found does. I don’t think I will wait til Christmas to give him this one though!

There you have it! I’ll have more gift guides each day this week, so I hope you will check back! But I would love to hear your plans for baby gifts this year.

What makes a great gift for age 0-2 ?

Disclosures n stuff: This gift guide is just for fun. I either reviewed these products, bought them or they were a gift to my family. I did not get paid for this post, nor does it include affiliate links. I hope you enjoy it!


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