A Week of Thanksgiving {2011}

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I am sure many of us are running around trying to tie up loose ends and prepare for the holiday. Hopefully, you will have a chance to reflect and give thanks for the good things (and maybe even the hard things) that happened in 2011. If you do, I would love for you to join me by writing about it next week!

In 2009, I did a week-long series called A Week of Thanksgiving, where I wrote about something I was thankful for each day. Not only was it an awesome exercise in staying thankful throughout the week, but it’s also a treasure to look back on now, two years later. Since we moved on Thanksgiving last year, I wasn’t able to take the time to write. This year, I’m back and ready for you to join in!

Starting Monday, I will post about something/someone I am thankful for. If you would like to join in, just start writing and link up! I will have a linky where you can submit your post each day and maybe find a blog or two that you haven’t yet seen! You are free to come up with your own topics or use the prompts I have provided below. If you plan to travel, feel free to write and schedule your posts ahead of time (a great way to keep content fresh all week). Just come back to add your links so we can give you some blog love while you’re away!

Not to leave you empty-handed, I also created these handy little graphics for you to use! Just grab the code below and paste it into your posts and/or sidebar.


I know everyone is busy and I think I can safely say that we have ALL faced some really hard times this year. A week of Thanksgiving is a simple way to rein in our thoughts and focus on the good. I hope you will join me!

A Week of Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Feel free to use one or all of these prompts or ideas, or create your own. No pressure, just gratitude!

  • Someone who inspired you this year
  • A situation where you felt loved
  • Something hard that turned out to be a blessing
  • An item in your home that brought you joy
  • A time where your Faith helped you
  • A picture that means a lot to you (and why)

I’ll be writing each day (Monday-Friday) so get your typing fingers ready! Of course you can post just once or all of the days, just make sure you link up on whichever day you decide to write. I can’t wait to read about what has inspired you in 2011.

See you Monday!



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