10 ways parenting is exactly like being a child

sandcastle stomp

I’ve been blogging since before I had children, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with Oscar in 2008 that I really got consistent about it. I’ve written about parenting more than any other topic even though I love writing about many things like faith, food and of course Walt Disney World. So it has felt… [read more]

Confessions of a pregnancy test junkie {win!}

preg test

FACT: Whether you plan your pregnancy or not, nothing can prepare you for that first positive pregnancy test. This was the moment in 2008 that I found out I was pregnant with our first son, Oscar. It was my very first pregnancy and I had no idea what I was in for. We were very… [read more]

Too Tired to parent: Is Balance a Myth?


This seemed like a good one to bring back during my season of rest. Are you struggling to find balance? Originally posted May 2011.   In the past couple weeks, I have been hearing a lot about living in balance, observing the Sabbath and getting rest in general. The first installment came from my Pastor… [read more]

Need a fun Father’s Day gift? Check out Cooper & Kid!

CK deal

This week I am particularly thankful for my husband and father of our two sons. We had a great weekend away at the beach and on the last day, he got a nasty stomach bug. We thought it was food poisoning until the next day, when me and both boys all got it within hours… [read more]

The mess will not break us

cal sun

Oh it’s an ugly phase I am in right now. School just let out, Calvin is almost three (and acting like a threenager), I have a job and a million responsibilities and to paraphrase a friend, that sound you just heard was me dropping all the balls. I recently said I just need a win.… [read more]

You’re doing OK mom {becoming mom}

2 fave boys

This post was originally published here on February 27, 2012. I am reposting it in honor of Mother’s Day weekend because I think we can all use this reminder no matter how old our children are. As a bonus, JNJ will donate $1 to Save the Children* for every video play between now and Mother’s… [read more]

Someone is talking to me…I must look pretty today.


I spent the past weekend in Atlanta for the Mom 2.0 conference. Though it was not my first blogging conference, it was the first time I attended this particular event. I have tried to make it work in past years, but due to timing or location it just never came together. This year, I bought… [read more]

Do you know an All-Star Dad? Enter to win an awesome trip!


This post is part of a sponsorship with the Global Influence Network You may or may not remember that we love some Dove Men+ Care in this family. The scents smell great but aren’t overpowering and the price point fits in our budget. The line is also available at Target which is a huge plus… [read more]

Treat yourself for Mother’s Day {giveaway}

Mother's Day Giveaway Final

I am sort of struggling with the fact that it’s May already. This year has been flying by at lightning speed. Mother’s Day? Already? I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately. Parenting is hard and at many times frustrating and time consuming work. Yes, WORK. We don’t like to think of… [read more]