Too Tired to parent: Is Balance a Myth?


This seemed like a good one to bring back during my season of rest. Are you struggling to find balance? Originally posted May 2011.   In the past couple weeks, I have been hearing a lot about living in balance, observing the Sabbath and getting rest in general. The first installment came from my Pastor… [read more]

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CK deal

This week I am particularly thankful for my husband and father of our two sons. We had a great weekend away at the beach and on the last day, he got a nasty stomach bug. We thought it was food poisoning until the next day, when me and both boys all got it within hours… [read more]

The mess will not break us

cal sun

Oh it’s an ugly phase I am in right now. School just let out, Calvin is almost three (and acting like a threenager), I have a job and a million responsibilities and to paraphrase a friend, that sound you just heard was me dropping all the balls. I recently said I just need a win.… [read more]

You’re doing OK mom {becoming mom}

2 fave boys

This post was originally published here on February 27, 2012. I am reposting it in honor of Mother’s Day weekend because I think we can all use this reminder no matter how old our children are. As a bonus, JNJ will donate $1 to Save the Children* for every video play between now and Mother’s… [read more]

Someone is talking to me…I must look pretty today.


I spent the past weekend in Atlanta for the Mom 2.0 conference. Though it was not my first blogging conference, it was the first time I attended this particular event. I have tried to make it work in past years, but due to timing or location it just never came together. This year, I bought… [read more]

Do you know an All-Star Dad? Enter to win an awesome trip!


This post is part of a sponsorship with the Global Influence Network You may or may not remember that we love some Dove Men+ Care in this family. The scents smell great but aren’t overpowering and the price point fits in our budget. The line is also available at Target which is a huge plus… [read more]

Treat yourself for Mother’s Day {giveaway}

Mother's Day Giveaway Final

I am sort of struggling with the fact that it’s May already. This year has been flying by at lightning speed. Mother’s Day? Already? I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately. Parenting is hard and at many times frustrating and time consuming work. Yes, WORK. We don’t like to think of… [read more]

The Marriage Marathon


The Boston Marathon just began. My brother-in-law, Dean, is there running and for that reason (in addition to last year’s tragedy) I am following the race closer than I normally would. Otherwise, it’s a normal day coming off a normal weekend. Right now in my house, Oscar is five and Calvin is just 3 months… [read more]

Change is the only thing that stays the same {becoming mom}

Oscar climb

I managed to overbook myself with travel this spring. The funny thing is, my whole point was trying NOT to travel once Oscar starts Kindergarten in the fall. So when the spring conferences started rolling in, I lept before I quite had a chance to look. This weekend is the first of three conferences in… [read more]