Dare to try: red nail polish

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When I decided to take on this posting opportunity, I saw it as a challenge. Maybe the fellow moms out there can relate? Here I am at almost 5 months postpartum, hovering close to but not quite reaching my pre-pregnancy weight, not sleeping well and growing out my short “pregnancy bob”, which means my hair is in a perpetual ponytail.

Likewise, my idea of makeup is very simple. I do like to even out my skin tone with foundation and splash on a little bit of blush and neutral shades of eye shadow, but for the most part less really is more in my opinion. The exception to this rule is my toenails. I love having bright and crazy toenails. I can’t remember the last time my toes didn’t have some kind of color on them. It makes me happy. And when I am not wearing sandals, it’s my fun little secret.

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However, my fingernails are NEVER painted. I chip fingernail polish faster than you can say ‘quick dry top coat’. But I always wanted to have pretty nails to match my toes. And since it’s the holiday season, I decided to throw caution to the wind and paint my nails.


Watch out folks, things is about ta get cray cray.

With my fancy red nails (essie’s “A-list”), I have been prancing about the kitchen like a woodland fairy, stopping only long enough to glance down and admire my pretty fingertips. I feel a little bit less tired mom and about 5 times more oh yeah this is what it feels like to be girly. It’s just the pick me up I needed after a long day.

I think I like it.

Andrea Upduke, red nail polish, lilkidthings,

Of course I have done this under the cover of night, long after blocks are returned to their homes and dishes are scrubbed. I will give these nails about 14 minutes of daytime living before they meet their doom. But for a night, I feel daring and sassy and a little bit cute. I might just do it again tomorrow.

Do you have any beauty tricks for when you need a little boost? What else should I try?

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  1. Jamie says

    Hi Andrea. Thank you for the post about red nail polish. The Essie A-List polish is very pretty on your nails. I am a guy that lives in Southern California. I get pedicures every two weeks because my feet are almost always exposed in women’s sandals. I love womens sandals because of the style variations that are available. I also have a very strong feminine side to my personality and am like the male equivalent of a Tomboy. I almost always wear some shade of bright red polish on my toenails with OPI Big Apple Red being my absolute favorite and my go-to polish. Big Apple Red is very similar to Essie A-list. I love red polish on my toenails and would never wear sandals without a good pedicure and bright red polish on my toes. The bright red polish on my toes reminds me and everyone else that I’m very in-touch with my feminine side. Whenever I’m having a bad day, it really cheers me up to look down and see pretty red toenails peeking out of my sandals. We should never underestimate the the power of red nail polish to give you a little boost to get through a dull day.

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