Oscar turned 4 years old at the end of January. We had a fun party, celebrated his birth, and played with toys and friends. He is four. And I don’t know about other moms, but four has had it’s ups and downs for us.

Oscar slide

Four is so unbelievably independent and smart that I don’t know if I should be celebrating or disciplining. I feel like I walk a 50 foot tightrope above being the friend mom and the mom who has to drive home the basics of how humans need to respect each other.


Four ignores me. A lot.

Four and I don’t always see eye to eye. We get really frustrated with each other and we butt heads. And then we feel bad and give extra hugs and kisses to make up for it.



Four is pouring your own milk and cleaning it up yourself when it spills.

Four is being allowed to do that while mom stands back and lets it happen.

Four is HILARIOUS quotes like, “this is exasperating” and “why am I freeeeaking OUT?” and sweet honesty like “did you know God loves us even when we do something wrong?”

Four is humbling to a mom who has to correct bad behavior she taught.

Four is forgiving.

Oscar sleep

Four loves to share and hates to share.

Four needs concentrated one on one time and lots and lots of eye contact.

Four has fewer tantrums, but makes them count.

Four has an amazing memory, capacity to learn, and a deeper love than ever.

Four is compassionate.

Oscar run

Four is starting to wander further away, but still comes back for hugs and reassurance.

I love that part.

Four and I got off to a rocky start. But I think we are finally finding our groove.



  1. Sarah Pinnix says

    This is so sweet, Andrea. I just love the way you look at parenting. You know, I actually don’t remember four very much! And my youngest is only seven!


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