Half marathon training update

I have about 5 weeks left until the Glass Slipper Challenge. After a bit of panic and a good strong look in the mirror, I am ready to dig in. The past couple weeks of running have been good and this weekend I ran a 10k on Sunday and about 2. 5 miles today. I wanted to do two days in a row to get a feel for how this crazy challenge will feel. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sore. So multiply that by like 3 (or a thousand) and we’ll talk.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then Wednesday will be another short run. My days are all off from my original Tue/TH/Sat plan but as long as I keep the same amount of space between runs I am okay with it. I also have two pair of quality running shoes that I can alternate. This helps a lot and I plan to bring them both for race weekend.

In terms of eating, I am slowly but surely getting a handle on things. I know my body needs quality food to fuel my races so I am trying to let that be my motivation rather than just to lose a few pounds. Also, Disney!! If that doesn’t get me going, I don’t know what will. Add that to the fact that without running, I might never have known someone has a horse in their back yard and well, I think we all know it’s worth it.


Where’s horsey?

When I trained for my first half, my longest run before race day was 11 miles. I am not sure I will get that high this time and that concerns me a little. I felt great after my 6.2 mile run on Sunday though so I think 9 or even 10 will be doable mid-February. I’ll add in a couple extra miles of a slow jog the day before my long runs from now on to prepare for the back to back races. I am so excited! All these months and all this planning and the race is so close I can almost taste it.

The hard part is going to be the long days between now and February 20th. Each day has to count somehow whether it be healthy eating or training. Must. stay. focused.

How do you stay focused in the final weeks of training?

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