Have I ever told you about my Grampy?

Grampy and yours truly, circa 1978

My mom’s dad, affectionately termed Grampy was everything a Grampy should be. He was strong, loyal, caring, fun and loving. He had a pretty cool life too. During most of my mother’s childhood, he was a dairy farmer in Maine. She remembers collecting eggs from the chickens and helping to milk the cows. They had dogs and cats and all the fun (and work) that farm life brings. Prior to that however, he was a Baker. More specifically, a donut maker.

In fact, he was so good at making donuts, that during WWII, his boss wrote a letter to the US Government every single month for the duration of the war, stating that my Grandfather was a vital component to the success of his business and therefore should not be drafted. He never did have to go to war.

As a result, my childhood was full of love and donuts! Grampy could always be counted on for molasses and chocolate donuts any time we went to visit. He passed away when I was a teenager, but we have many wonderful memories. Since then, my mom has taken on the task of donut-making. Yesterday, Oscar and I went for a visit and we were met with Molasses donuts! What a treat. She sent some home with us and this morning Oscar had his very first Molasses Donut. He loved it and I loved remembering my Grampy. What a sweet sweet memory it is.


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