Helping toddlers face their fears

There is a little spot downtown near my husband’s building with a little fake grassy area. Last week, we decided to meet up for a little picnic. It seemed like a beautiful day, and it was, except for the wind.

As it turns out, it was extremely windy and being downtown only increased the wind tunnel effect making for a very dramatic day.

the calm before the storm

Since then, Oscar has been completely fixated on and scared of the wind. He wakes up in the morning and looks out the window to see if it’s windy. He doesn’t want to go outside if he sees the trees swaying and he has had a couple of really hard days at preschool as a result.

I have talked to a few moms and consulted Dr. Google and he is definitely at the age where children start developing fears. Still, it is SO hard to watch him struggle with this and even harder to know that he is having a hard time at school where I can’t even comfort him.

5 minutes later it was all over

Based on the advice of some of the moms I spoke with we are going to try the following ideas:

Tips for overcoming fear

  • Treasure Box – if Oscar has a good day at school he can choose a treat from the treasure box. I plan to get things like little cars, balls and play-doh accessories (ie things he is really into right now)
  • Take him outside when it is windy and “be the wind”, blow bubbles, fly a kite
  • Read Mark 4:35-41 about when Jesus calmed the storm. We have a rhyming bible so it will be easier to understand
  • Teach him about wind so that the mystery is removed. (We have started doing this already and he seems to get it, until he is at school and I am not there to remind him)

Do your kids struggle with fear? How do you help them?

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  1. Kristy Rodriguez says

    So I know I’m really late commenting on this, but I can’t thank you enough for this post. After returning home from our two-week trip to Florida, my 4 yr old was scared to sleep in his room. Albeit, he shares a room with his big brother. At any rate, it’s been exhausting. Your post gave me hope and ideas. I came up with a reward system for each night he sleeps in his bed – all night long. He gets a sticker on the calendar. When he accumulates our set amount of stickers in a row, he gets a new gift. He chose a wii game (ugh!!). Well, I must say it has been working. We are almost up to an entire week! So thank you again for sharing this!!

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