Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

A complete stranger gave me coffee money. God Bless the intArnet!! You see, it’s just when you think the world has gone to hell in a handbasket that some inter-geek (like myself) says, here you go, Lilkidthings, here is $2, go get yourself an iced coffee. I just know this is why mankind was created.

Although there is always a snag in life’s little plan, and that is the cruel joke of a 24-hour library with a coffee shop that closes at 11pm. Not 11:05 MR. WE MEAN BUSINESS!!! So after peppering the streets with the frantic pitter-patter of my caffeine needy feet, I finally came upon the Gelato Cafe, who though closed, took pity on this poor strung out paper-writer and bestowed upon me the sweet nectar that is my vice. God bless Gelato Cafe.

So you see, it was imperative that I have a live journal to commemorate this highly moving event in my life. I hope you know what this means.