I can’t believe I made that putt!

Today is Saturday. Today I am making plans to marry the love of my life in October. Rewind 24 hours.

Yesterday was a typical day, work was slightly busy. I took a walk on my lunch break and had an apple at about 3pm. Friday night, Jerry and Krusty came over to have dinner which is also pretty normal. We were tired so just had some frozen pizza and brussel sprouts (remarkably common for us, sadly). After dinner, we decided to get some putting on the disc golf basket in while the sun was still out. We play a lot of disc golf, so of course Jerry has a basket in the back yard. As Jerry was putting, he said ok, if I make 4 of the next 7 putts, we’ll go out tonight. I responded, ok and if you make all 7, then you have to propose to me tonight!

Well, he only made 1of the 7. Needless to say, we didn’t go out. But the story continues. He then said, ok, you do it, if you make all 7, I’ll propose. Well, I made 1 also. So then it was a Putt-off!! We went through 3 best of 7s with Jerry “winning” every time. The last one was a tie that ended with him winning in sudden death. So, because the time was right and we were having such a great time, he gave me all or nothing stakes. From about 50 feet off the basket, he said, ‘ok, all or nothing. If you make this putt, you win’. So I zeroed in, knowing this was it, focused and threw. CHING. The disc landed firmly in the basket!!! We both screamed and laughed and hugged and then didn’t really know what would happen next.

We decided to go over to Jerry’s house and after we were there for a while, he started talking about what fun we have together and he said that he wants to make it last and be married to me and said, I want to be married to you, I want to get married, will you marry me?? Of course I said yes.

He then pulled a ring out of his pocket that he explained was the ring his Grandma Glenna wore for over 50 years. He then put it on my finger.

I am engaged!



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