If you want to time travel, have a baby

My sweet little tiny baby Calvin is 6 months old. My baby. You know, the one I brought home from the hospital yesterday? Yeah, that one. He’s halfway to being a year old and I am still in my pajamas. Hmm…

I have to be honest about something here. This isn’t some self-deprecating plea for pats on the back, but simply an observation. I don’t shine as an infant mom. I struggled for most of Oscar’s first few months of life and even more so this go around with Calvin. We entered the golden age of babies with Oscar at around 7 months and honestly I am really looking forward to it with Cal!

Of course I love my boys no matter what their age and if you ask me, they are the brightest most adorable children on the planet. I just think I am a better mommy once they are out of the wee little baby infant, cry all the time, need you for everything, why can’t you read my mind(!) stage… C’est la vie

So here we are with little 6 month old Calvin, totally in love and excited for the many fun stages to come this year. Right now, he is our chunk hanging out in his size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes. He has rolled over once as if to taunt me, saying yes ok fine mom I can do it, see? I just don’t feeeel like it. Honestly, that’s fine by me. The longer he is immobile, the longer I have to teach Oscar to clean up his legos.

Sleep has been so. much. better. since starting solids. Isn’t that crazy? It’s like the total opposite of what all the ‘experts’ say, but I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth. I don’t even know what that means, but we are all getting more sleep and horses and something about presents. Did someone get me a present? Also, I wrote about Cal’s love affair with solids on Babycenter so it has to be true.

Is it weird that I don’t even know what milestones he is supposed to be achieving right now? Sorry, second baby, mama forgot everything she learned from Oscar and you are pretty much on your own. I KID. But seriously, thank God for this blog because I have to go read what Oscar was doing at 6 months to see if things were different for him.

Ok I am back. Wow, two totally different babies! How interesting. While Oscar was down to 2 naps at this point, Calvin still relies on 3 most days. He naps in the morning, during Oscar’s nap and again for about 45 minutes while I make dinner. I am not sure where to stretch time at this point because he seems to need all 3 still. I am hoping to get rid of the morning nap sooner than later because that’s the one that really interferes with our day.

Calvin loves to give kisses! And it’s so sweet the way he grabs both sides of my face and plants one on me, drool and all. And BOY is he drooling. His bottom teeth really made a run for it last week and they are so close to popping through. I don’t think it will be long now for that first tooth. For now we are rockin the teething tablets (new and improved!) and the occasional Tylenol when it gets super painful. I don’t play around with tooth pain. That is something I can relate to and it is awful.

Oh how fun it is to watch Oscar and Calvin interact! My favorite part of the day is when they wake up and greet each other for the first time. It’s like a reunion of love every day. Surely these boys will never fight…right!?

It’s hard to believe that Oscar will be 3 this week and in just 6 more months, Calvin will be celebrating his first birthday. If anyone wants to borrow my time machine, please be my guest.

I’d like to just stay here for a while.


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    I was JUST saying the same thing yesterday! I can’t believe my baby is 4!

    I, too, am always a bit happy to reach the 6-7 month mark. Up until that time, I’m just in survival mode. I wish I was that super, easy going newborn mom. But I have to accept what I am and ask for help when I need it.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..Desires of the Heart: Is It All About Me?

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    I loved reading your post! I can relate to so much in there as my little guy will be 6 months in a couple weeks. Time has flown by, but I am loving every stage he is in. It seems that I start to worry that he is not accomplishing something soon enough and then the next day he starts doing it. It is as if he can see into my mind in those 10 minutes at night before I fall asleep when I have time to worry. Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah @ Spoon Fed Baby´s last blog post ..Top 10: Swaddle Love

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