Let Me Splain……No….There is too much…

The next few days will be an onslaught of bloggery as I try try to recap the most amazing day (and week) of my life thus far. Dramatic much? Um, duh. I love this man!!!

We had a beautiful wedding and I will post tons of pics in more detailed individual posts. But for today, I am going to put up a few of the ones we got back from our friends and family. We know so many amazing photographers !! I talked to the pro shooter today and she will be sending me the disc of her shots tomorrow! Yippeee!!!

My mom did my hair!

Here we are with our Wedding Party, my sisters Angie and Amy, and Jerry’s best men Daniel and step-dad Sam

Speech Speech!

MMMM…..Cake!!! (they put our “topper” on the side because it was too heavy)

Woohoo!!! Let’s GO!!

We walked to our hotel instead of using a getaway car since it was only a few blocks away. Our buddy Geoff made us a quick sign to celebrate and we got all kinds of yells and Congrats and horns honking as we walked to the Sheraton! It was one of the best and most fun decisions we made!!! (yes I went with the $2.48 sparkly flip flops from Target for the reception)

Of course we had to get the ‘middle of the road shots’ after the big send off!

These all come from my sister Angie and Bob Witchger. Such talent!! There are SO many more, but we’re just getting started folks! :-)


  1. Still a Miss. says

    Awwww so cute. I love the one with the sign on his back. Are your hair jewels mother of pearl or some sort of shell? Pretty! Cant wait to read more!


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