Me and Calvin. Calvin and me.

Last month on Babycenter, I wrote about bonding with the 2nd child and how it’s been a little tough for me. Honestly, I have to say that writing about it was like a big purge and not long after, I had a burst of all the feelings I had been waiting for. Cal and I have really become close so leaving him to go to Type-A-Parent last week was harder than I had anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I really welcomed the break. But I was definitely ready to come home.

Calvin sometimes cries in the late evening. Most nights, Jerry and I take turns trying to weasel out of being the one to go ‘rescue’ him. But the night I got home I couldn’t wait to see if he might wake up just so I could snuggle with him. Thankfully (selfishly?), he did and I jumped up so fast and happy that Jerry just had to laugh. And when I picked up my handsome little boy, he smiled at me and gave me the sweetest hugs ever before going happily back to sleep.

The next day we had our real reunion and as we played together I wondered how I ever didn’t feel this. I think in many ways, we have always been bonding. A little bit here, a little bit there. Until one day, magically, we just got it.

And when you got it, you got it.


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    Your hair looks great in these super cute photos! I am glad that you and Calvin have found “it”. I don’t know about second child bonding (and may never), but it is something I worry about if that time comes.
    JP´s last blog post ..Daredevil Water Baby

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