Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Happy Monday everyone! We now have 14 days til Christmas to finish up our decorating, baking, holiday cards, shopping and wrapping. Anyone stressed out yet? I am actually feeling pretty good this year. I am either on track or completely delusional. We still have a pile of lights on the front porch to finish the outside of the house, but otherwise decorations are pretty much done. I would still like to get a real tree (to complement our fake one) from the little farm down the road, so cross your fingers for me!

This year I have had a couple people ask me what I wanted for Christmas and I have to admit, I totally blanked! I really am so thankful that we have been so blessed. I am having a blast shopping for the people on my list, but sure there are things I like too :-). So I made a list! Shopping for a lady? Check out some of these sweet stuffs. I mean a girl can dream right!

Gift ideas for Moms!

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  • First up we have some super cozy Minnetonka slippers ($29.50-$42.50). I love the fur lining that allows me to have some slip-on shoes to wear in colder weather. And they have rubber soles so you can bet I would totally wear them to the store or….anywhere.
  • The Boogie Board ($39) is one of those little gadgets that I just want. Like it’s just so cool, but it’s definitely not a need. Still, I love the little LCD tablet for writing notes or lists without wasting paper. Clear the screen with the push of a button! This would also be great to hand the kids on long car trips.
  • Did someone say wine? You already know how much I loved my short-lived subscription to the California Wine club. Why not keep it going? If you know a mom who loves wine she will definitely love being a club member! $49/month. You can get one month or more!
  • Pottery is one of my favorite things to buy and I am loving these nesting bowls ($35) from Paige Puckett Pottery. Check out her whole store here!
  • I’ve been googly-eyed over white watches for a while now and I really love this one from Fossil ($80). If you aren’t sure what style your lady is into, a gift certificate to a jewelry store is never a bad choice.
  • I don’t think I have ever met a woman who didn’t love journals. Even those of us who blog still love real paper, and I can prove it! My talented friend Roo has just released a new line of notebooks and they are awesome! I’ll take all 3. $30 for the set.
  • I am not too picky about most makeup. I like to try new things. But if there was one thing I love, it’s Stila eye shadow in “kitten” ($15). This color is amazing and it works for everyone. It’s my go-to daytime eye shadow and I happen to be running out…
  • You might have noticed the add for Lemons with a Pea over there in my sidebar. Robin is hilarious and perfectly inappropriate. I love her new twitter ornaments that you can customize with a favorite tweet. Perfect for moms who share their kids’ funny quotes! $15.
  • Duh duh duh duh!! A cruise!! Dream big, baby. I am a Florida girl through and through so nothing makes me happier than to skip town around February and get some sun. Not that I do that on a regular basis, but hey. There’s a first time for everything right? Besides, February is a great season for deals! Let’s go!

OK moms, what did I miss? What do YOU want for Christmas?


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    My mom personally would love a cruise since my finances don’t allow for that though, I think that a California Wine Club subscription maybe a decent alternative for her. Overall a lot of good ideas on your list, thanks for sharing it.

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