October is officially here

I feel like I am traveling at warp speed right now, yet I am not getting nearly enough done! Of course the whole idea of “enough” is subjective depending on the time of day and amount of coffee consumed. It’s hard to believe that the first week of October is behind us, but as I look back through my phone (which is far more reliable than my memory these days) I realize that we had a pretty great time last week! So I am going to stop for a minute and take it in.

This was a fabulous view of the evening sky just before dusk one night. I love the sunlight behind the clouds. It makes them look all glowy. I like glowy.

We had lunch with my folks on Wednesday and stopped to feed the geese afterward. Calvin loved walking all around! I appreciate the walking too. Or I should say, my back appreciates it.

My super cute firemen actually stopped long enough for me to take a picture! This is the real deal people.

We recently started a Saturday morning breakfast tradition. We go somewhere different each week! This Saturday we went to Big Ed’s in downtown Raleigh. Seriously the biggest pancakes in the world! Oscar and Calvin shared this one and almost finished it. Almost.

We love our “park” which happens to be the nearby school. Each time we go Oscar and daddy play hide and seek while Calvin wanders around like a tiny drunk.

I had the pleasssssure of trying out this new bakery with some friends! I am super picky about cupcake places because it seems like they can be dry. However, the one I tried had a creme filling and snickers on top. In other words, heaven. Sugarland just made my top 5 for Raleigh dessert.

Let’s not forget the Angry Birds pumpkin. A fan favorite in our house and on our porch, I think we are officially ready for October!

What’s on your to-do list this month?

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