Saying Goodbye: Not So Wordless Wednesday

Last week we said goodbye to our almost 15 year old Border Collie, Krusty. My husband got him as a puppy way back in 1996 and I came on the scene 9 years later. Krusty accepted me into the family and we became fast friends. I never really understood “dog people” before, but here I am missing our old friend.

When we pray for Oscar at night, we ask Jesus to give him sweet dreams and peaceful rest. I knew I would have to tell him something when Krusty was no longer here, so I told him that he would be going to sleep and he would be with Jesus.

Oscar asked, “Will he be having sweet dreams?” Choking back tears I said, “yeah buddy, he will.”

Sweet Dreams boy. We already miss you.

  • Nanette ~ AMomBlog

    Oh you just made me cry. What a sweet friend he must have been to all of you.
    Nanette ~ AMomBlog´s last blog post ..Rock ‘N Roll: A Look Back – Wordless Wednesday

  • Lolli @ Better in Bulk

    I am so sorry!!
    Lolli @ Better in Bulk´s last blog post ..Scouting for Better Boys

  • Dada

    you meant a lot to him, too. things will be different but we will always have pictures like this one to remind us of the good times.

  • Kate

    I’m so sorry! I choked back tears just reading that. We’ll be praying for the Lords peace and comfort as you learn of life without him.


  • Katie

    I have only very recently become a dog person, and this makes me so sad for you, especially after seeing you guys all together a few weeks ago. He was a sweet dog, even if he wanted nothing to do with me, and you guys were great doggie parents. I hope you can find peace, too. <3

  • Betty Anne

    These days it’s ridiculous the number of blogs I read that make me cry. So sorry for your family’s loss. :(
    Betty Anne´s last blog post ..Baby Baldness

  • Jenn

    o i am soo sorry … we’ve all been there and it’s the worst feeling … my thoughts and prayers and lots of hugs to you!
    Jenn´s last blog post ..Are We Pregnant Yet?

  • Shana D

    Awwww :( trying really hard not to cry over here. Oscar is such a sweet boy. ((((()))))’s to your family hun
    Shana D´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday-These kids sleep in the oddest places

  • Rajean

    I’m so sorry, but you gave him a sweet send off with your prayer. This might be the biggest reason I don’t have a pet. Hard goodbyes.
    Rajean´s last blog post ..Toast to Summer – Wordless Wednesday

  • Hines-Sight Blog

    Oh, I’m so sorry. That is sad. What a sweet picture. I know he will be missed.
    Hines-Sight Blog´s last blog post ..No Longer Greek to Me

  • Erin L.

    tears are streaming down my face into my cereal. so sweet. I’m glad I got to meet that sweet thing a few weeks ago.
    Erin L.´s last blog post ..First Foods: Oatmeal, Sweet Potato and Pears, Oh My!

  • Tina @ Life Without Pink

    Oh I am sooo sorry! Pets are like our children, and my heart breaks for you.

  • jessica

    Nothing can match the companionship of a good dog. Krust was a good dog!
    jessica´s last blog post ..Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners Review + Giveaway

  • Fadra

    I’m a dog person, cat person, and any other pet kind of person. I understand the special bonds. Years after some of our pets have passed, I still miss them deeply. Sympathies to you and your family.
    Fadra´s last blog post ..Batman is not a Superhero.

  • Katja of Skimbaco

    So sorry for your loss :(
    Katja of Skimbaco´s last blog post ..Gracious Me: Are You A Risk Taker?

  • Dada

    Sometimes I pull into the driveway after work and at that moment remember he’s not with us anymore…like I haven’t thought about him all day and then for a split second, I think he’s there. His favorite purple ball is still in the front yard.

    Coming up on 4 weeks since we said goodbye and reading this post and the comments still chokes me up. I find that anytime I think of him, I get sad. Looking forward to the day I can remember the good times and be happy again.

    I miss you, boy.