Sometimes Love Just Finds You…

Our trip to the beach was just what we needed. We had a chance to unplug, enjoy each other and take in the beautiful scenery. We hadn’t planned to take this trip. It just found us. And I am so grateful. We needed this time to just be us.



As we were heading up to dinner at a local restaurant we saw a Father walking his baby girl down the steps to her groom waiting on the beach. The breeze was blowing and the sun was setting. Their wedding music was a song played on a Ukulele. We gave each other an extra squeeze, knowing how blessed we are. And then we walked into the restaurant hand in hand as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

It was perfect.

  • jenny

    so glad you guys had a great time! oh, and i would have been crying, too. 😉

  • Mo Nizzle

    you are too cute! Im a mush as well! I would just be crying because he hasnt found me yet… but he will. IM too awesome to miss.
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  • Martha Metzler

    i love this picture of yall.
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