Starting Preschool {Becoming Mom}

It’s official. Oscar is going to start pre-school on Monday. It’s a pretty big family event and now that I have picked up the pieces of my broken heart, I am actually pretty excited about it. Yesterday was a trial day and I got to hang out in the classroom the whole time. It’s just a 3 hour program but I think it is going to be so good for him and if I am honest, for me too.

I feel very fortunate that we have the option of sending him to a school a few days a week. He loves being there and I am looking forward to some alone time with Calvin. As it is, we are home a lot due to naps and I was really running out of things to do with my very curious 3 year old. I think we are finally ready to take this step and I can’t wait to watch him learn and grow socially.

As I have mentioned before, the transition from one to two children is a real doozie and I sometimes feel like I am just treading water or failing both boys completely. I think this will be a really great opportunity for all of us to grow up a little.

Oscar has already asked if it is time to go back to school. I am glad that he loves it so far and I am so proud of the little man he is becoming. I know I will be a little bit emotional on Monday (I already am), but I am going to self medicate with a hot cup of coffee and a snuggle with my littlest baby.

Do you remember your first child’s first day of school? 



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