SuperME Cape Backpack {review}

Oscar is totally into the super hero phase right now, which is funny because he doesn’t really know what a super hero is. In fact, his only two frames of reference at this stage are his love of Super Grover and his knowledge of what Superman looks like.

But he LOVES Super Grover. Not only does he fly AND wear a cape, he is terrible at landing. Which equals crashing. LOTS of crashing. For a 3.5 year old boy, that is pretty darn sweet.

We had the chance to test out the new SuperME Cape Backpack with my little superhero and it is a huge hit. The first time he wore it, we were meeting my family at the mall food court and he went running in wearing his super cape and mask JUST like Super Grover! In fact, I couldn’t really get a picture in focus because he was so all over the place.

A little bit about SuperME Cape Backpacks from their website:

The backpack converts into a superhero cape by simply pulling the hidden cape out of a pocket at the top of the backpack. Eye mask included to complete the transformation. The cape backpack can be personalized with a variety of shield-shaped SuperME patches.

Made of safe, highly durable, water-resistant EVA material 
Product size: 13”x 11” x 5”

What I love about our SuperMe Cape Backpack

Oscar is 3.5 years old and this backpack truly fits him! I love that it has a buckle in the front to keep the pack on. At his age, he doesn’t really know how to wear a backpack, so I really appreciate that extra security. The cape and mask can both be stored away in small (and nearly invisible) pockets when not in use making this a truly functional bag and not just a toy.

The material is thick and sturdy, but not heavy at all. You can purchase extra patches that are interchangeable to give the bag a little bit more flair (we have the pirate patch)! They come in a variety of colors and even offer a messenger style lunch bag!

Look Out!

What you should look out for in the SuperMe Cape Backpack

Because this bag is on the smaller side compared to other backpacks, it should be noted that the main compartment is also smaller. It’s perfect for a preschooler who would likely only need to carry around a few toys or a change of clothes, but I wouldn’t expect to pack them for a weekend with it. The price point of $45 seems a little outside of my personal range, but is generally on par with other quality backpacks.

That said, my biggest disappointment is that I can’t send Oscar off to preschool wearing this amazing bag because our school only allows open-top bags. Crazy!

Overall, the quality of our SuperME Cape Backpack is outstanding. Oscar is thrilled with it and he can crash like Super Grover all day long. Everybody wins!

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    • Andrea says

      I know! It’s so sad. They have to share cubbies and it’s the only way to make sure there is enough room for all the bags.

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