The aftermath of a lost election

Four years ago, when the candidate I voted for lost the Presidential election I was unhappy. Yet, in the midst of being on the losing side, a little bit of that Hope Obama preached about rubbed off on me. I truly wanted to give him a chance and I understood (and even appreciated) the historical moment that I got to witness by seeing him elected as the first President of color in America’s history.

Sadly, I don’t have that hope today.

Of course as a Christian, I do realize that my hope is not in men or government, but in Jesus. I cling to that faith in my disappointment and that will be more than enough to sustain me. Still, to every thing there is a season.

I think it is perfectly legitimate to grieve today because while there was clear winner and a clear loser (for which I am thankful – no recounts!) the fact is, we are more divided than I have ever seen this country in my life. That didn’t change. In fact, last nights close calls in so many states and the split between Popular and Electoral votes showed a very clear and deepening divide. Frankly, that concerns me.

I feel like conservatives and liberals were running two different elections. One was based on social issues and the other was based on the economy. Apples and oranges. What some might consider a victory on one hand may prove to be very costly on the other. As I read through my social network feeds, I felt personally assaulted by posts filled with bitterness and disregard for anyone who disagreed with their point of view. Apply that sentence to either side of the aisle. Bottom line: it’s not a message of hope. There is no reaching across the aisle today.

I hope my liberal readers will understand that we aren’t there yet. That doesn’t mean we stonewall and refuse to work together. It just means that half the country is reeling and we all knew it would be that way no matter who won. This is where my wounded heart is right now. I am sad. I am angry. I am hurt by what I see happening online. Working together will be a slow healing process.

I’ve never been affected by the outcome of an election in this way. Yes, I was surprised by Obama’s win. But more than that, I was surprised at my own reaction to what was happening before my eyes. Maybe this is what happens when you vote as a mother. This is the first time I have done that and it feels like there is just SO much at stake.

I am still trying to work through the hidden meaning behind all of that, but for today I will speak to my soul. Did you know you can do that? Even if you don’t feel hopeful, you can minister to your own soul with words of truth, just like King David did:

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God – Psalm 43:5 (ESV)

I don’t know what happens next. But I think that’s a pretty good start.

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  1. Kristy says

    As always, you have expressed the events of last nit beautifully. Our nation has lost the art of discussing opinions and ideas. If you do any research on the founding of our nation, you will see that most of founding fathers were trained to summarize the opposition’s view (to the satisfaction of the opposition) before they could begin discussions. Many of them has disagreements with each other (some small, some huge). in the end, they took what the all agreed upon (left the rest for future generations) and started this great nation. Note that I did not say that they yelled each others’ talking points to a crowd of supporters. As a mother, it is my desire as a mother to teach my children, through logic and a sound knowledge of history, how to have dignified discussions with anyone.

    • Andrea says

      Wow Kristy, you just explained something that I have been wishing for without knowing it. THAT is the key. Candidates should absolutely be required to agree on their points of difference. Only then will the people be truly informed to make an honest decision. I believe many people came to their own honest conclusions, but the sad truth is many were likely based on lies and misrepresentations during the campaign.

    • says

      beautifully said, Kristy. There are so many true lessons in the greatness that formed our country. This year’s election forgot about openmindedness, about listening. They were far more focused on attacks.

      I agree. I hope for a swing that will teach our children to be more fairminded listeners in their futures.
      Julie´s last blog post ..Preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences

  2. says

    I appreciate your ability to be open and honest about your experience and where you stand. I have been fortunate to not see hatred spewing across social media sites, maybe I’m blessed in that way. I hope that my friends, loved ones, and acquaintances, no matter which side they were rooting for, recognize the importance of moving forward post-election and working together. As you said, it may take time, but it’s what makes us who we are as a country. I hope we get there.
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  3. says

    Exactly how we’re feeling in our house today, and it was my first time voting as a mom, too! I’m pretty worried for the same reasons you said – now, more than ever, our country is divided. It scares me to think that little has changed in Washington (House, Senate, and Pres). How will anything change in the next four years? How will it be different from the last four? All we can really do now is wait. Thank you for posting such an opinionated piece in such a calm and respectful manner – not an easy thing to do!
    Hannah´s last blog post ..Whatevs Wednesday

  4. says

    I’ve Seen all kinds of things on both sides. maybe its because of how I view things but i don’t focus on the big race. The electoral college has me jaded so i focus far more on local elections. Some amazing things happened here and in other parts of the country. I refused to announce who i voted for for president but made it very clear how i feel voting for local races. I vote as a mother of a disabled child and what happens at the top is only part of the piece. i will be just as focused next year because thats how i do. i don’t feel happiness or sadness over who’s in the white house, its a 2nd class race in my eyes.
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