The end is near

I’m talkin bout politics y’all. Too dramatic?

Well the truth is, we are at the end of debate season. Tonight’s Presidential debate marks the last of the 3 and will prove to be far more important than I initially thought. Depending on which poll you are reading we are anywhere from a tie, to an Obama lead, to a Romney landslide.

Which really means, this is anybody’s game.

I’ll tell you right now though, my biggest fear is election gridlock. Like I said four years ago, I just want a decisive win because I don’t know that our country can handle another 2000 hanging chad debacle. Can you imagine Chris Matthews if that were to happen? I think we might actually see him levitate.

So I just wanted to check in with you guys. How are you feeling? Enthusiastic? Road weary? Exhausted? Apathetic? So over it and ready for people to start talking about Pinterest again? I am trying to be civil about the way I share my opinion, but sadly do not see that same respect being afforded in a lot of my social circles. Are you discouraged by name-calling and party bashing? Or are you proudly waving your candidate’s flag and shouting from the rooftops in the hopes of winning more votes?

I am somewhere in the middle. I have my opinions and you will likely see some of them tonight on Twitter during the debate. But at the end of the day, we have to live with each other you know?

I’ve also been thinking about Christianity and politics today and I may have come to a little conclusion….drumroll please….. I don’t think God has a candidate. But I do think He has a plan.

As a Christian, I believe that God has a plan for this world, right? There is a real, living and breathing story with a beginning and an end. So here we are somewhere … the middle? Who knows. But the thing about voting “God’s choice” hasn’t really rung true for me as a Christian, because I believe that we are all sinners. There is no perfect man or woman; no Pastor, no Saint, no President. Therefore, while I do look at the character of the candidates, I can’t possibly think that one is “good” and the other “evil”. That is simply giving too much power to each person and frankly, too much pressure.

So while some of you might think Obama is the obvious choice for Christians because of his work in social justice or that Romney should be my guy because he is pro-life, I am calling shenanigans. These are just men and above all, I believe that the person who is supposed to win, will. And while I do plan to vote for Romney, it’s because I think his policies are best for this country. But that’s it. My faith doesn’t hang in the balance while we decide our next leader. God is bigger than this (or any) election. I think too many of us forget that. Oh look at that. I found my soap box after all.

We’re almost to the finish line friends. Hang in there!

***photo by danxoneil


  1. Ginger says

    I am OVER. IT. I have kind of surprised myself that I feel this way because usually this is what gets me excited. My Super Bowl. My Olympics. You know how much I usually love this stuff. I was right there with you majoring in poly sci. Yet this election season has just been too much for me. Maybe I need a twitter hiatus. Maybe I need to not be so over the top informed. Yes, I think you can actually be TOO informed. I need a break. While I certainly have hopes for how it will all play out I put my faith in God, not government. God, not men. No candidate is perfect, neither is an entire administration. I am just ready to just take a deep breath and let it all play out.

    • Jasmine says

      LOVE this post. It so so what I’m about. It so amazing to hear someone else say ‘I put my faith in God, not the government;’ that there’s more than just the candidates. I believe God has His plan. Yes, we haas a choice for who to vote for. But in the end, He knows who will win and what He will do with that man.

    • Andrea says

      I agree Ginger! I am getting to that point now, especially now that the debates are over. And really, what more can be done? Deep breathing is good.

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