The Last Paci

***EDIT – After a trying 2nd day with no paci and an obliterated nap, we are letting him have the pacifier for bedtimes. He picked out a new special “bedtime paci” that will live in his room and only there. He still did awesome that first night though…baby steps ya’ll ***

I have always been the mom who said I’d be the one with a 5 year old sucking away on a pacifier. To me, it’s a battle I am not willing to fight. If a paci comforts my child, keeps him quiet and helps him sleep, then I am going with it. No apologies. And Oscar was a paci baby from the start.

I read all the books about when to start using a paci to avoid nipple confusion. I talked to our pediatrician. My sister even said, if your baby will take a paci, you give him that paci! All advice I have come to trust. And if I am honest, there was a little part of me that was grossed out by finger/thumb sucking at the time. Of course, now I know that pacis have the potential to be FAR more germ ridden than silly ol fingers. But that really isn’t the point of my story.

Somewhere around 2 weeks old when Oscar was screaming his head off and Jerry wasn’t home, I gave him the paci. Once Jerry walked in the door, I guiltily told him that I threw our plan of waiting out the window and we now had a paci baby. Life was good and we never looked back. Even as the only mom at the park whose (larger than average) 2 year old was running around with his paci, I didn’t care. I mean I cared, but not enough to make Oscar suffer for it.

But then he started chewing his pacifiers. And I mean REALLY chewing them. He chewed the sides, the front, the back, and everywhere in between. We started to notice that after a while, he would tear holes in the base of the nipple and it became clear that we had a health hazard on our hands. Right before the HUGE transition of adding a baby brother to his world. Neato.

We bought a few new pacis to get us through the transition and decided that this fall we would try to wean Oscar from his more than 2.5 year old habit. Each time a paci would reach the point of no return, we would ceremoniously throw it away and hand over a brand new paci.

And then it was the last paci.

We told Oscar that after this paci was gone, there would be no more. He would chant no more pacis and run around silly. I knew he just didn’t get it. I feared for the day when we would have to say goodbye one last time. And Tuesday was that day.

Jerry noticed that the paci was falling apart somewhere between dinner time and bed time. I argued that it could last one more night because I worried that the tears would be epic. In reality, I think I just wasn’t ready for my baby to grow up even more. Alas, logic (and safety) won out and we told Oscar that we would be saying goodbye to the paci that night. We nervously waited for his reaction.

But there was no reaction. Oscar simply marched that paci right over and tossed it into the trash saying, no more pacis for Oscar! Just blanket! And then?

He went to bed.

So…..ummm….that was easy.


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    None of my kids took pacis as infants. Somehow when my middle “E” was 6 mo old, & stayed w/my MIL she thought he did have 1, and we forgot to pack it. She went out & bought him some. By the time he came home he was hooked. At 12 mo old we made it a sleep time thing only. At 3 years old he finally gave it up. You know now (he’s 5.5) I look at pictures of him w/it in his mouth, and he’s so sweet looking. I miss the days of my baby w/a paci. Weird right?
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