Vanessa Lachey is my BFF and I have proof

So when I was at BlogHer last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Social Luxe lounge for the second time. As you may remember, in 2010 I had a sweaty encounter with Ree Drummond. But this year I decided to let her socialize in peace. Like last time, the party was beautiful. But the 2012 celebrity moment goes to none other than my new best friend, Vanessa Lachey.

At first I thought it would just be a photo op. But as evidenced from this series of photos from my personal paparazzi (aka Roo, of Nice Girl Notes), I think it’s clear that we really connected.

Ok fine, so maybe my memory is a little fuzzy. But I am pretty sure it went something like that. In all honesty, I was delighted to see Vanessa out and about at 8.5 months pregnant helping Edy’s/Dreyer’s Ice Cream raise money for Operation Smile.

If you would like to learn more and upload a pic to their facebook page, Edy’s/Dreyer’s will donate $5 to this awesome cause!

Thanks again for being such a great sport Vanessa :-) And don’t forget to call me!



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