When good ideas go wrong….

As promised, here is a picture of what once was a good thing. A brownie cake. I still think I could pull it off, with more brownies, more time, and more patience. But in the end, I am definitely glad we are turning this job over to someone else. We are still eating this thing, and I will tell you it IS good :-)


  1. HamiHarri says

    Yum-o – love brownies! May I ask what u didn’t like about it? Were you planning on leaving it as is with the white drizzle? ‘Cause I’m guessing that if you fully iced it, it would look great! But, I also have to admitt that it would be easier to get someone else to do it… 😉

  2. Angie says

    I think you made a good choice. You don’t need that kind of stress on your wedding day! You’re already doing so much. You’re amazing!

  3. Andrea says

    well, you can’t really tell in the picture, but the layers were SUPER thin. I would have had to do that times 5. And I wasn’t sure how to ice it. So I scrapped the whole thing!


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