When things don’t go as planned, make a new plan.

I had big plans for this week. I was going to be productive and do some fun blog posts, talk about Oscar’s 4th birthday and share pictures from a recent visit to the Zoo. I was going to take the boys to a local museum and return some items to the store. I was going to finish the laundry and clean the floors. I’m telling you I had plans, baby. Big plans.

Instead, by Tuesday I was down and out with a raging head cold. It was all I could to to maintain the basics of feeding, semi-cleaning and meeting only the most pressing deadlines. I was exhausted by 9pm every night and on a constant diet of day-quil by day and benadryl at night. We had a nasty windstorm that kept us from sleeping much on Wednesday night and last night our heat went out. Thankfully, the heat is fixed now. But you know, there comes a point where you just clock out and say better luck next week!

No Mistakes quote

One of my priorities this year is giving grace and accepting grace for myself. There is no shame in having a crap week. I certainly didn’t make all those things go wrong. So there is no point in dwelling on what didn’t get done, you know? It happens.

It’s called life.

But you know what else happened? Calvin really started talking more. Oscar had a Daddy day at school and I got some great deals on some much needed jeans for my tall boy. My cold is almost gone and the heat is working again. Oh and it’s February! Compared to, oh I don’t know, MOST OF THE WORLD, we have it pretty dang good. And I am thankful.

There’s never a bad time to look at the bright side if you ask me. I hope you have a great weekend :)

Here’s a little Calvin to help you kick it off right!


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    I’ve been working with making new plans almost daily. :) This particular week started out phenomenally, but fell apart around Thursday. I finally allowed myself to take a break and re-group. Now I’m ready to start again.

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