Who gets your vote? An Obama supporter shares her voice

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Welcome back to Who Gets your Vote? !! Each Tuesday I will be highlighting at least one reader opinion about the upcoming election. On election day, I will answer these very same questions myself! I am so looking forward to the next 12 weeks and I hope you are too! Would you like to participate? Just email me (andrea at lilkidthings dot com) with the subject line VOTE and include your answers to the below questions. The point of this series is to get real people to answer real questions about this election. We aren’t all the same and we don’t vote the same. I happen to think that is ok and welcome opinions that are different than my own. I’d love to see some healthy discussion in the comments as the weeks pass!

This week, I am featuring Lee Reyes-Fournier of CoupleDumb. Lee is an Obama supporter and has agreed to share her thoughts with us. Feel free to comment below, but remember to be respectful. I know politics can get people excited, but hateful comments WILL be deleted.

Do you affiliate yourself with a party? Which one? I was a Registered Republican since the day I turned 18. I am now an independent voter. Yes, like Sasquatch, I am one of those voters everyone talks about but no one has actually ever seen.

Do you know who you will vote for in the Presidential Election yet?/Who? YES! President Obama!

Why did you choose this person / or why are you still undecided?  I chose President Obama because he is a good man with solid principles. This election for me boils down to three things: women’s rights, marriage equality and healthcare. As the mother of a daughter, I want to know that she will have access to healthcare and birth control. As an American I want to know that I still live in a country that can overlook it’s shortcomings and truly believe that all men are created equal. I want our country to fulfill it’s promise of freedom for all which includes the rights and privileges of getting married. Obama stands for all of these.

Are you a parent?  Yes. I have a 19 year old multiply handicapped daughter and two sons ages 8 and 5.

Why do you think your candidate is the best choice for parents? If undecided – what issues are you concerned about as a parent?  Like I said before, healthcare, women’s rights and marriage equality. I want my kids to know that our gay friends are not discriminated against. I want them to know that we don’t live in a country that will judge you based on your religion or lack there of. I want to know my daughter will always receive the care she needs regardless of her pre-existing conditions.

Do you feel like your candidate is misunderstood? Why? In some circles, people still believe that our President is a Muslim, Terrorist, Kenyan Socialist.  My Dad being one of those people. I have asked him, “When is he going to hijack the country, Dad? He doesn’t have much time left according to your people.” I have no idea why people fear him so. I do believe there is a latent racist undercurrent to all the attacks and the idea of having a minority in the highest office in the land is terrifying to some people.

If you could sum up your candidate in 3 words, what would they be? / OR if undecided – what 3 words would sum up the perfect candidate for you? Intelligent, Compassionate, Trustworthy

Thank you for sharing your honest opinions Lee!

Below are a list of websites to check out while trying to decide on the best candidate for you. Stay tuned for another interview next Tuesday and thanks for reading!

Major News Sites


Party Websites


Get your kids involved

Scholastic (get login info from your child’s teacher), TIME for Kids 


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    Lee, I loved reading your perspective. I agree with you on a few of your points, being a Libertarian-leaning conservative. I agree Obama is misunderstood, but I don’t see that it’s a result of his race. Well, for the majority of people anyway. There are always a few bad apples in any bunch. Thanks for sharing, Lee.
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