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It’s the very first week of Who Gets your Vote? !! Each Tuesday I will be highlighting at least one reader opinion about the upcoming election. On election day, I will answer these very same questions myself! I am so looking forward to the next 12 weeks and I hope you are too! Would you like to participate? Just email me (andrea at lilkidthings dot com) with the subject line VOTE and include your answers to the below questions.

This week, I am featuring Jacqui Stewart of Single Parent Retreat and The Life of a Single Parent. She is currently undecided and agreed to share her reasons why! Feel free to comment below, but remember to be respectful. I know politics can get people excited, but hateful comments WILL be deleted.

Do you affiliate yourself with a party? Which one? Yes.  Republican.

Do you know who you will vote for in the Presidential Election yet?/Who? I don’t know who I am voting for yet.

Why did you choose this person / or why are you still undecided?  There are things that scare me about both of these parties.  I am still trying to find the good side and see which one has more good to outweigh the bad that I see.

Are you a parent?  Yes

Why do you think your candidate is the best choice for parents? If undecided – what issues are you concerned about as a parent?  As a single mom who is currently unemployed, I am mainly concerned with Romney and Ryan’s Top Down views.  I barely make enough money to live on with unemployment and I don’t feel that they should be cutting taxes on the wealthy.  This is why people who don’t make that much are losing their homes and having to file Bankruptcy.

Do you feel like your candidate is misunderstood? Why? N/A

If you could sum up your candidate in 3 words, what would they be? / OR if undecided – what 3 words would sum up the perfect candidate for you? Compassionate, Honest, Ethical

Thank you Jacqui for sharing your honest thoughts! Can anyone relate to her concerns?

Below are a list of websites to check out while trying to decide on the best candidate for you. Stay tuned for another interview next Tuesday and thanks for reading!

Major News Sites


Party Websites

Republican, Democratic

Get your kids involved

Scholastic (get login info from your child’s teacher), TIME for Kids 

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