Why I Love My Job at Picaboo

I have a guest post today from Becca of Picaboo! Make sure to check out the fun stuff you can make with your photos and enter their awesome giveaway!


The economy is getting better but it’s still tough. As a result, we’re all very lucky to have jobs. And the ones that have jobs they like are even luckier. I consider myself in that camp. I work for Picaboo where we help people turn their photographs into photo books, cards, calendars and canvas prints. My job is awesome: I get to talk about our products all day. And even better, I get to see all the fun things our customers create.This came in handy this summer when for the first time in five years, I wasn’t invited to a single wedding. Most people would be thankful. I cried. I love weddings. I love receiving the invitation in the mail. I love wedding cake and I love the best man’s speech. In college, I made over $1500 one semester writing wedding speeches. My formula was simple but it worked: Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry. It worked every time.


To get me through the long, cold, loveless summer, I relied on the wedding books of my customers. Our customers love sharing their books and often attach notes to the email telling me about the special features they included.  Like their favorite backgrounds, embellishments and even why they selected a certain font over another.Since I’ve been receiving these books for over a year and a half, I feel pretty lucky. But I also started to realize that our customers wanted to share their books with others. They wanted the ability to tell us about their photo books and their personal stories. That’s why we created The Picaboo Book Awards. Because for us, photo books should be celebrated. This is our version of the Oscar’s. Except we’re not celebrating movies—we’re celebrating the best Picaboo photo books ever made.

Everyone who enters will have a chance to win a free cruise from CruiseDeals.com. And the best photo books will receive prizes from Picaboo and Mabel’s Labels. To enter the book awards, fill out this entry form. Have a question? We’ve got answers here.

Lastly, if anyone needs a date for a wedding, count me in.

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