Why should a Blogger Join Mom Spark Media?

Total disclosure here. I am a member of Mom Spark Media and have been since it was created in 2010. If you have been reading Lil-Kid-Things for it’s occasional reviews or have entered one of my giveaways, there is a good chance it came through Mom Spark Media. And now that MSM is starting it’s second year, they have asked me to help them spread the word! I immediately said yes, because my experience has truly been exceptional. Or as Alex the Lion would say on Madagascar, “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Marty. You don’t bite the hand!”

Ever since I decided to go it alone on this blog without the umbrella of a large ad network, MSM has been the hand that feeds me more often than not! This is because the ladies behind this organization understand bloggers’ needs and work tirelessly to obtain quality opportunities for as many people as possible. I respect the way they do business and I genuinely appreciate the opportunities I have been given.

Size Doesn’t Matter

You may have noticed that I am not the biggest blogger on the block. I am ok with that because I measure blogging success with more than just numbers. But what I love about MSM is they consider every blogger regardless of size for most opportunities. I love that! The client ultimately has the final say so when I apply for an opportunity and I am chosen, I not only have the network behind me, but the knowledge that the client decided I was a good fit. That’s a nice little confidence boost.

Mom Spark Media provides the tools to help your blog become more attractive to brands.

I do not have a marketing background. There, I said it! So when I decided to devote more time and resources to blogging, I really wanted (needed?) a little hand holding. I had a lot to learn and MSM is where I learned a lot of it! This network provides not only business opportunities, but monthly classes and archives full of technical information on making your blog a success. This year, they have started hosting monthly chats for members to speak with experts about specific questions from Affiliate Marketing to Networking, to Google Analytics. Beyond that, there are forums to help promote each other and ask random questions that may come up throughout the course of the day.

Not Just for Giveaways

I love a good giveaway, don’t get me wrong. But just like I don’t want to eat pizza at every meal, I need some variety when I work. I love that MSM gives bloggers many different types of opportunities for which to apply. Through the network I have done reviews and giveaways, sponsored posts, worked on major campaigns, and sold ads for my sidebar. I’d say that’s a pretty well rounded blog monetization diet!

My two cents

You’re looking at a satisfied customer so it makes sense that I would have a glowing opinion of this network. But it’s all true. My blog has grown from a hobby to a business in the past year and I consider my affiliation with MSM to be one of the main reasons for the success of Lil-Kid-Things. I love these ladies and this network. So if you are on the fence about how to take the next step, you know where I would send you! (and if you really do join up, do tell them Lil-Kid-Things sent you!)

Disclosure (again): I was compensated by the awesome Mom Spark Media Network to simply write and share my opinions about my experience with this network. Don’t tell, but I would have done it for free ­čśë


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    That is great that you have been able to connect to such a wonderful group. I went to their website to get more information but it appears you have to have an invite….

    you have some great giveaways and sponsors!!!

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