Win a month’s supply of diapers and wipes from Pampers!

I am no good without sleep. I don’t need double digits or anything, but a good 7 plus hours is mandatory if I am going to function in any kind of useful capacity. I say all that to explain why the newborn/infant years remain the hardest in my parenting history thus far. Y’all, it was hard and at times I definitely felt like I was going a little crazy. I remember the first time my oldest slept through the night. I woke up in a panic and ran in to make sure he was still alive. He was alive and well and asleep. And there I was, awake.

After a while, we got into a routine. We discovered that he was a “blankie baby” and needed a certain blanket along with his paci to rest well. Once we had a formula, we had ourselves a champion sleeper! So it was very frustrating to have any sleep interrupted by diaper breeches. If ever there were an excuse for the Nooooooo! button, it’s when you check in on naptime and are unpleasantly surprised with a diaper leak.

calvin diaper
Now that my second is almost (I hope?) out of diapers, this doesn’t happen as often. Still, I have to make sure he is in the right size and style diaper that keeps everything where it’s supposed to be! We recently had the chance to check out Pampers new Baby Dry diapers. Calvin loves the Sesame Street characters and I love the quality. So far they have been a great fit for us. I really like that the diapers are thin enough to be comfortable and they don’t bunch up after he’s had them on for a while. Pampers is the #1 worldwide diaper brand serving 25 million babies in more than 100 countries around the world and is committed to helping keep babies drier and happier.

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Win a month’s supply of diapers and wipes from Pampers!

Three (3) Lil-Kid-Things readers will each win a month’s supply of Pampers diapers and wipes (in the form of coupons). To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  • Psalm

    He has to have his blankie, turn on his soothing Seahorse, and white noise. He’s a great sleeper!

  • Betty Anne

    Both of my kids are thumbsuckers. When they discovered their thumbs, we all started sleeping more.

  • jrhammlett

    My boys don’t really have sleep habits. Noah still wants a paci
    (even though he didn’t use one until he was almost 2). Simon is pretty easy going as long as he has a place to lay is head.

  • Emily Richter Drew

    My girl loves to sleep on her belly with no covers.

  • Jill

    She sucks her thumb and slaps her belly. :) It’s adorable!

  • Regan Wood

    Croz needs his bun-bun to sleep but he gave up his paci about a year ago when we lost one and I had the other one with me at work. He had to go cold-turkey and we powered through. ;)

  • ForeverYoung

    My little one loves to sleep on his stomach with his favorite blanket clutched in his hand.

  • kelly

    My kids like to sleep with their favorite stuffed animals.

  • Amy Hamilton

    thumb + blankie = sleeping kid

  • mami2jcn

    Falling asleep in the car.

  • amy pugmire

    My son has to sleep with his favorite blanket.

  • Jennifer MommyLifeAfterPh.D.

    Yes please!! After four kids in diapers, my wallet could use the break, LOL!

  • Amelia

    My daughter sleeps like a helicopter- she twists and turns all over lol

  • stephanie

    my daughter gotta have her blankie

  • Cassandra Eastman

    My daughter has to have her lovie, pacifier, blanket and her mobile on with music and lights! She’s very particular but once she’s happy she’ll fall asleep easily which is nice.

  • brynne

    I have a little one on the way… so I don’t know yet!

  • Ashley H

    She has her favorite blanket.

  • Courtney Bella

    waking up every other hour with her baby doll!

  • Brooke Thomas

    rubbing his hair!!

  • terry maigi

    My daughter likes to fall asleep holding our ears lol. It’s her security thing. And if we aren’t close enough she falls asleep holding her own!

  • Jennifer Q.

    There is one blanket that is his favorite, and sleeps much better when he has it.

  • Brittany Marie Doerfler

    my daughter must have her fave lullaby on to go to sleep -brittany marie thompson

  • Sandra Stephenson

    Must have his blankie

  • Julie

    having their pacifier thanks

  • Jule

    Falling asleep on the boobie! LOL 2nd best thing is a pacifer. Julie

  • neiddy

    My daughter would not go to sleep if she doesn’t have a sock in her hand.
    Leidy R rafflecopter form

  • Alaine

    Sleeping with his lovey.

  • Keno Moore

    On the way to daycare.

  • Brooklyn Dutson

    Im pregnant now.. so kicking me when I am sleeping! lol

  • RambleSAHM W.

    He likes to nurse before bed!

  • Laurie Steiner

    My grandbaby, but he likes to sleep on the couch!

  • Keri Estes-Cimorelli

    he laughs in his sleep alot

  • Jennie Sanderson

    My little one loves to sleep in my arms, lol! Probably not the best habit

  • mami2jcn

    I was one of the winners but I never received the prize. It’s been 5 months.