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Change is the only thing that stays the same {becoming mom}

by Andrea Updyke

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I managed to overbook myself with travel this spring. The funny thing is, my whole point was trying NOT to travel once Oscar starts Kindergarten in the fall. So when the spring conferences started rolling in, I lept before I quite had a chance to look. This weekend is the first of three conferences in 3 months and I am a speaker for the very first time.

I will be presenting on How to find your goals and create a mission statement with two other blogging professionals at the Type-A-Parent Blogging Bootcamp in Walt Disney World. While I am really excited about this new experience, my heart is definitely going to be at home with my boys.

This has been a tough season of growth for a couple reasons and even though I will only be gone just over 48 hours, leaving feels much harder this time around. Maybe it’s because I am traveling a lot. Maybe I am having “going to Disney without my kids guilt-syndrome.” But either way, can you blame me? Just look at these two.

Oscar climb

cal seesaw

oscar seesaw

oscar blocks

cal bigwheel

We are all in a state of transition right now. And as you may have guessed, transition is not really my thing. In fact, growth has always been both a blessing and a burden for me. I love trying new things, but I struggle with change. I like routines so I know when I add or subtract from my life equation, things are going to shift. My boys are both growing at lightning speed. We are all facing the growing pains and some days we just have to linger in the moment a little bit longer so we can feel safe.

It’s a process of movement and stepping back that I am mostly used to. But sometimes I just want to sit in the yard and watch. The world is spinning so fast, I just want to sit still and take it all in.

What’s funny is my mission statement is entirely based on being home and present for my boys. Of course that doesn’t mean I will never leave. These conferences are great for my mind and spirit. But today I miss them already. So I’ll sit and enjoy them for a moment.

Because tomorrow, we’ll be moving again.

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