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5 Things to Keep You Going This Week

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Today I want to share five things I am keeping at the front of my mind as I start the new week. It’s Monday and I want to be intentional about how I mentally attack the days ahead. Link many people, I’m tempted to focus on all of the reasons I’m sure to be overwhelmed. But I don’t have to give in to that mentality and neither do you.

My hope is that by living intentionally and reminding myself over and over of my long-term goals, I will inch my way closer to them without lots of drama. Think of these 5 things as a late-morning cup of coffee. Hopefully they will help you push through the anxiety-creep that Mondays can often bring.

Five things to keep you going when you feel stuck in work, parenting, or need inspiration.

5 Things to Keep You Going This Week

    1. It’s ok to guard your schedule. Living intentionally means saying no to some things for yourself, your family and even your business. Breathing room is not only enjoyable, it’s essential. 
    2. Baby steps are still progress.I bookmarked this chart for how to save $5000 in a year with small but steady contributions to a savings account each week. Sometimes it’s hard to see the little things for what they are, building blocks in the foundation of your goals. 
    3. Write down accomplishments. Many of us made a list of goals at the beginning of the year. That’s great but don’t forget to acknowledge any and all progress as you go! My planner has a spot to write daily gratitude and once I started using it, I immediately realized that I am not just spinning my wheels. This led to renewed commitment and motivation. You are more than half-way through the year. How have you made progress so far? Write it down!

  1. Tackle THAT PILE. You know the one (or twenty). At the outset, this task is so daunting. It feels almost instantly exhausting. Yet, every time I bite the bullet and clear out the clutter, whether it be at my desk, in the kitchen or my boys’ closets, I feel energized as a result. 
  2. Read something that isn’t social media or the news. This one is hard for me. I feel like I spend all day reading SOMETHING. I’ve started spending about 30 minutes in the mornings before the house wakes up with a book and a cup of coffee and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite times of day. I’m currently reading Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown and I’m loving it!

Most of all, I’m going to avoid thinking about the week as a whole and focus on each day on its own. I can’t eat a meal in one bite so why think of my weeks in that way? Baby steps, people. That’s what it’s all about. 

What are your tips for tackling Monday? Please share in the comments!

5 Things to Keep You Going This Week



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