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A Good Idea for Monday

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I try not to get on a soap box too much, especially since I fail at so many “soapboxy” issues, but I have to admit that I was happy the day that Jerry said, ‘we are out of plastic bags’. Not because now he had to scrounge for a way to clean up after the dog (I had a few in my car for such an emergency) but because my efforts to transition to a re-usable grocery bag seemed to be paying off! Now, I still get some plastic when I go on the large monthly trip, but the more frequent purchases go straight into the sac I got from Whole Foods for $1.99.

This brings me to another very small change we made over the past year. We have been carrying our own mugs to anywhere that might involve coffee. We love coffee and drink it whenever possible, which was why bringing our own mug makes sense!

I came across this nifty waste calculator that tells you how many pounds of trash you create each year based on the amount of coffee you drink. Check it out – and grab a mug!

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Saturday 22nd of March 2008

I have to admit I'm conflicted about the plastic grocery bag thing. I know it would be better to use a re-usable bag, but our apartment building requires that trash be "securely bagged and tied" before being dropped down the trash chute, so I re-use my plastic grocery bags for garbage bags. When I think about getting reusable canvas bags for the groceries, I think "but I'd have to buy plastic garbage bags then..." And around and around and around I go.

I do have a mug at work, and thankfully our church went to mugs several years ago (everybody brought in their extras, so it's an eclectic collection, but it works!)

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