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A tall order for the Type-A-Parent conference

by Andrea Updyke

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In just a few hours I will be hopping on a plane and heading to Atlanta for the Type-A-Parent conference. Because this is one of my favorite conferences, I bought my ticket last year during the early bird price window and I have been looking forward to it ever since.


Have we met? Make sure to say hi this weekend!

It’s been an interesting year for me and this blog. I am about to celebrate my ten year blogging anniversary and instead of feeling celebratory and imaginative I feel lost and unsure of the direction I want this blog to take. I think there is a shift happening in the blogging world and I am not sure where it will leave me. This weekend, I hope to connect with friends and brainstorm, learn a few things and hopefully get some inspiration!

A tall order? Maybe. But I think it’s good to reevaluate where you are and the why behind what you do every day. I intentionally took a step back from blog conferences this year, but I do believe they have value. You get what you give.

Because the majority of our work is done behind the glow of a computer screen, face time is very valuable. On a personal level, my BabyCenter writing gig and my book deal both came to pass because of face to face connections I made at conferences so I feel pretty good about the investment.

This year feels a little different though. I feel less sure of what I am looking for. I feel less sure of what I am capable of. As the boys grow older and more independent, I know they will take up less space on these pages. As my interests change and grow, I will naturally follow their lead. This makes planning difficult and as a planner, I get stuck on that.

Conferences tend to get a bad rap because of a few bad actors. People hear the term “mommy blogging” and they instantly have opinions about what happens or doesn’t happen. They have heard a few horror stories (yes, they do exist) and draw conclusions based on the crazy.

That said, here is what I know about Type-A and this weekend.

  • I will be surrounded by smart men and women who care about making their work better.
  • I will enjoy the friends I have and make a few new ones.
  • I will network until I can’t smile anymore.
  • I will learn something new.
  • I will get back what I put in and it will be worth it.

Right now I have this exciting feeling. It sometimes presents as a pit in my stomach, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s that feeling you get when you are about to turn a corner. Last year I wrote a book. I did that. I am so proud of myself and honestly, I don’t have a need to “top” it.

What I want more than anything is to connect with people; to listen and be heard. I want to encourage others when I learn something from my struggles and I want to work through issues and accept help when I need it. That’s what this community is about.

That is my definition of “mommy blogging”.

Safe travels to all my Type-A cohorts. And to everyone else, I can’t wait to share my weekend with you!

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Autumn Bradshaw September 26, 2013 - 11:21 am

I’m a planner as well, and have been going through the same dilemma as you. I’m hoping to be re-energized and better focus my efforts after this weekend’s Type-A Conference. (And we totally have to say ‘hi’ at this one! I think we missed each other at DisneySMMoms) Safe travels to you, Andrea!

erinmktgmama September 26, 2013 - 2:50 pm

What what my friend! WOOHOO!


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