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A Week of Thanksgiving: My Family

by Andrea Updyke

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I don’t thank my family enough for all of the ways they have loved on me throughout my life. I am the youngest child and while that comes with many benefits, I was always the last one to do everything. However, despite age and lifestyle differences, my two older sisters have always counted me a friend (well at least once I stopped stealing their swiss cake rolls and trying on all their clothes when they weren’t home). I am especially in awe of their brilliance knowing that they have raised 5 children between them. Now that I have a son and hope to have more, I have a deeper respect for the position of “mom”. I know that it only gets better with age. I value my sisters’ opinions and am constantly asking advice during the ups and downs of my days. They laugh when I laugh and cry with me when I cry. I can only hope that I am able to return the favor when needed. My brother-in-law Dean has been an awesome example to look up to as well. Technically he is an in-law, but since I was 12 when he married my sister, he totally counts as my brother. I have always admired his drive and faithfulness to his family. He gets it done and is truly a great example.
My parents are truly one of a kind. Not only have they been married for more than 40 years, they have been faithful to each other, to their children and to God. My Dad has been a Pastor for my whole life and the number of people’s lives that my parents have touched is seemingly limitless. I am always “Les’ daughter” because his reputation precedes him, and me apparently! My mother is a rock and THE perfect example of the Proverbs 31 woman. No matter what our financial situation, she always made sure we had a great time. I am so fortunate to have my parents living near by. I know that most people don’t share this amazing blessing and I don’t want to take it for granted!
I also want to say how amazing my inlaws are. Seriously, another thing I understand is not the norm. Jerry has an amazing family that has welcomed me in like I have been there all along. I am so thankful for their willingness to embrace me as part of the family. Every time we visit or spend time together, I feel completely at home. It is truly a blessing.
So, thanks family! I love you!

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ZeroToBoston December 1, 2009 - 4:40 pm

I'm thankful when people say such nice things about me.

– D


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