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And then he was seven

Today is Oscar’s 7th birthday. It’s also a Tuesday and we had a 3-hour school delay.

Weekday birthdays are always weird because they fall somewhere in the middle of real life; not quite awesome but not quite normal either.

When you are seven, though, a 3-hour delay and a pancake breakfast before school are a pretty great way to tip the scales to awesome. We started the day at IHOP, watched some TV and dropped Calvin off at preschool before heading off to celebrate at school. He always goes to school first, so taking Cal first was a biggie.

Oscar requested the pre-packaged “Little Bites” muffins to bring to school for his class. I mention this because I find it so interesting which new and bright packaging will draw in my boys. Growing up, I remember Andes Mints and Klondike bars being the gold standard in snacks. My personal favorites were vanilla sugar wafers. And Oscar is drawn to tiny bags of muffins.

This is seven.

seven 2

This year, he read all of his own birthday cards. He already knows what he wants to spend his bit of birthday money on and why. He knows that he would rather have chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream than cake because he doesn’t really like icing. He’s cool with ditching the character plates and decorations in favor of pizza and video games. He’s just plain cool to be around.

As a mom, I am loving seven.

seven 1

For me, seven is real conversation and really funny jokes. It’s reasoning and conceptual learning. It’s still very much parent and child but also a friendship. It’s going to movies and playing and letting him crack the eggs. I’m much more comfortable as a person with seven than I was with 2 or 3 or even 4.

Selfishly, I feel like I am starting to come around to this motherhood thing and the mismanaged expectations of my 30s are finally calming down. While I can believe he is seven, I am having a harder time realizing that I have been a mother for seven years. Seven feels settled. It’s comfortable. I like it.

seven 3

I’m so proud of this boy and of the man he is already becoming. I love the way he interacts with his brother (most of the time…ahem) and how he cares for others. He loves to learn and is so proud of himself when he solves a problem.

Seven is so big and still so small. Seven is loose teeth and lanky arms and legs dangling off my lap, but still wanting a cuddle every now and again. Seven is good.

Happy 7th birthday, Oscar. I love you to the moon and stars and heaven and back.



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