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Are you ready for The Hunger Games movie?

I never got into the Twilight series and I never read the Harry Potter books. In fact, I only just saw all the HP movies last year. But when I blew through the Hunger Games Trilogy in just 4 days last year, I knew it would be a long wait for the first movie. And now the wait is almost over!

With the Hunger Games opening in theaters this weekend, the internet is abuzz with commentary, ideas and just general excitement over what will hopefully be an epic two hours and twenty-two minutes of theater time. I decided to round up a few of my favorite posts to help you count down the final days.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Would YOU survive the Hunger Games? I love Erin’s question on her blog, A Parenting Production about what we really know about survival. We are so dependent on even the most basic supplies. Would I even make it one day? Eek!
  • Elizabeth Banks on playing Effie Trinket – OK I have a new celebrity crush in Elizabeth Banks. I already knew I liked her, but when I clicked over to her blog from Twitter, I totally geeked out. Not only does she take us along for her Hunger Games ride, it’s just about the prettiest blog I have ever seen. Plus, doesn’t she just seem like a real person? Any celebrity that can achieve that is tops in my book. Go’on with yo-self Effie.
  • Free Hunger Games Party open to the public in NYC! If you are planning to be in the city this weekend, stop by the Scholastic store for some Hunger Games fun with other fans and enter to win a bookplate signed by Suzanne Collins! How cool is that?
  • Haven’t read the book yet? You aren’t alone! Check out Jill’s thoughts after reading the first book. From what I can tell, most people read it pretty quickly, so there’s still time to read it before the movie!
  • Still need more? How about some of the most creative Hunger Games crafts ever? Craftzine has an amazing visual treat for fans of all ages with their roundup. Enjoy!
EDITED to add more Hunger Games goodness!! I found these posts after my roundup and decided they were too good to leave out 🙂
  • Kristin at Rage Against the Minivan has some interesting theories about the whole series. Read and discuss if you have finished the books!
  • Julie was inspired to create a fashion plate based on everyone’s favorite girl on fire!
  • Stay tuned for some reviews from some lucky gals who have already seen the movie!

I already have my ticket for this weekend. See you at the movies!

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Hines-Sight Blog

Tuesday 20th of March 2012

I am so out of the loop. I didn't read the book. Hope you are well.


Monday 19th of March 2012

I literally just started reading the first book yesterday and blew through the first 16 chapters. My husband read it first and couldn't stop talking about how great it was. I know I will have it finished in just a day or two. Can't. Wait. For. Movie!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.