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Beauty Routine SOS!

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Now that Fall is in full swing and I am starting to accumulate my Fall wardrobe, I realized that I really need a beauty routine face-lift.

As in, I have no routine.

Can you blame me? Most days, it’s all I can do to shower and wash my hair (I am sitting in Starbucks with wet hair as I type) so anything beyond general cleanliness and hygiene has fallen by the wayside in the wake of caring for a toddler and a 2 month old.

So, I am coming to you, the readers of Lil-Kid-Things to help me find a beauty routine that is effective, realistic and quick. Are you up to the challenge? I’ll break down my system into categories and if you have a really good tip for any or all categories, PLEASE for the love of banishing mom jeans, share it in the comments!

Writing at Starbucks – Wet hair and all


Like I said, I typically try to keep my hair clean. I will admit that I only wash it a couple times a week because of its dry and brittle curly  nature. Some days I wear it curly (easy), some days I wear it straight (slightly less easy). Right now, I seem to be in a styling rut though with nothing more than a barret clipping the bangs out of my eyes. What else can I try? I am hoping to grow it out so I don’t need a style that includes cutting. Am I too old for the braid trend I keep seeing?


OK this is the area in which I need the most help. I wash my face in the shower with a scrub and almost ALWAYS forget to do anything beyond that. I am trying to ramp up the moisturizing though and just tried out Olay Regenerist, which I love. I am hopeful that this will be enough to keep me from turning into the witch from The Princess Bride by the time I am 40. Should I be doing anything else? I am clueless!


Ok I lied. THIS is the area in which I need the most help. I have had the SAME makeup for over a year. Is that disgusting? Because now that I just typed that out, I kinda feel like I just told you I never wash my hands after using the bathroom. Don’t worry, I do. But the truth is, I could dump out my entire makeup collection and start over, with the exception of mascara. I do make sure my mascara is current because I had an allergic reaction to a brand once and I can promise you, the eyes are not something you want to mess with.

Here’s what I like when it comes to makeup, neutral colors, light (non-cakey) coverage and glossy lips. Very, is she wearing makeup or did she just wake up looking like that? My staples are mascara and lip gloss. I can forgo the others day to day, but I would love to hear your favorites when it comes to this season’s colors! Also, do people still wear eyeliner? I don’t, but I always like the look when I do. Are there any trends I should check out?


Ok this one we just talked about in my Fall Style post. I am happy to say that I have had a couple of really successful shopping trips and I am excited about Fall! Maybe I will even join in on a Fashion Friday once in a while to show off my finds. But what I really want to know is, what Fall fashion trend are you excited to try?

I have to admit, losing some of this baby weight has definitely made me rethink my “look”. It’s really SO easy to fall into the rut of wearing what is easy and comfortable without giving it much thought. But I always feel better when I put in a little bit of effort into my look. I mean I was just me before I was a mom. Now I can be the mom version of me, and hopefully get the style AND the comfort!

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Wednesday 12th of October 2011

I felt like I had written parts of this...

My latest go to is tinted moisturizer. It takes care of the moisturizer part of my routine (although as it's getting colder, I'm thinking I may need more than I'm getting) and it also gives me some VERY lite coverage. I hate the cakey feeling of foundation and still have in my drawer the makeup I used for my wedding, 5 1/2 years ago. One thing I do to make it feel lighter is that I apply it with my fingers to get it all over and then use a sponge to smooth it out. I feel like using a sponge to smooth it wastes $$ by allowing the sponge to soak up too much initially.

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