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BlogHer: The Parties (Part 4)

by Andrea Updyke

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We made it! We finally made it to Day four and the last of the BlogHer party recaps! Now, this day might not technically be full of parties, but I did have a couple of events to attend before hopping on a plane to come home. And they were THE perfect way to cap off a fantastic weekend.

FlatOut Fabulous Bloggers! * photo courtesy of FlatOut Bread

The first activity was a 2 mile walk from the Hotel, through Central Park and back with the amazing people from FlatOut Bread. This was an event that I was invited to prior to Blogher and I was SO excited about it! And of course, they did not disappoint! We met up in the lounge and were greeted with some delicious breakfast wraps using company founder, Stacy’s personal recipe. They were sort of like a PB&J but with a bit of granola. Yum! They also surprised us with Tshirts and Water bottles! You can see more on the FlatOut Fresh blog.

We had a lovely walk through the city and the park and it was so nice to be outside! This was honestly the longest I had been outside the entire weekend! A Sunday walk in the park was just perfect. I was able to connect with some other bloggers as well as Jen and Jill who organized the event. I had such a great time and feel so lucky to have been invited! And a note to other brands who are thinking of sponsoring a conference event. When I got home there was a box FULL of FlatOut Bread wraps, crisps, and breads for me to try with my family. Nothing for me to pack or ship and the products were in my home, just waiting for me to try them.

THAT is how you do swag!!

Me with Jennifer from Hip as I Wanna Be

Our hotel on the way back from Central Park

After our walk it was time to head over to Le Parker Meridian for a brunch with SOYJOY. This was another brand that got it right. The food was amazing, the view was spectacular and we learned something! SOYJOY brought in a killer panel with Cynthia Sass, registered dietitian, sports nutrition specialist and author of The Flat Belly Diet, Jackie Newgent, chef, registered dietitian and author of Big Green Cookbook and Harley Pasternak, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert and author of The Five-Factor World Diet (who joined via Skype).

Each Panelist gave a very informative talk with tips for choosing foods, preparing them well and using exercise to achieve our ultimate goals. I really found myself hanging on every word and walked away with an awesome feeling about working off those conference pounds (hehe)!! But really, SOYJOY was an absolute pleasure and I felt fantastic after not only a morning walk which gave me energy, but a morning of learning which fueled my brain.

Amazing View from Le Parker Meridian Penthouse!

I know a lot of people have a LOT to say about the brands at BlogHer, but in my experience over the 4 days of my whirlwind trip to New York, I have nothing but good things to say. Perhaps I was blessed with the fact that I interacted with awesome brands and I think that is part of it, but overall as many have said, BlogHer is what YOU make it. I wanted to take this trip as an opportunity to learn as much as I possibly could and for me that meant taking advantage of every opportunity I had to connect with anyone, be it blogger OR brand.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these recaps as much as I have enjoyed writing them! I will have one more BlogHer post about the sessions before I close the book on 2010. In the meantime, you can start planning for 2011! Happy Tuesday!

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Mimi August 24, 2010 - 2:14 pm

Hello, I'm stopping by from SITS! It looks like an amazing time & I'm terribly jealous.

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Monique August 25, 2010 - 11:46 am

that looks like an AWESOME time! i love Cynthia Sass! i have had the pleasure of meetin and chatting iwth her on several occassions

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Lidia Dempsey September 16, 2010 - 4:43 pm

Hi greatest place inside the globe is this. greatest in globe.I have no words for my country.. i like bollywood moviesI\’ve lived in Indian Cities.


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