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Calvin’s Nursery

I have been wanting to post photos of Calvin’s nursery for ohh I don’t know a YEAR now? However, despite numerous attempts at taking pictures, I have never been pleased with how they turned out. His room only has one window and the lighting in there is never good for photos. I just decided to bite the bullet and post what I have before we change it! As it is, the crib mattress is already lowered and I feel like we will blink and he’ll be in a toddler bed.

We definitely decorated this room on a budget. All of the furniture was handed down by family or friends with the exception of the red chair, which we scored off Craigslist for $40! The “Calvin” blocks were $1.50 each from Uncle Goose, and the retro artwork was our big splurge at $90 for all 4 prints at this etsy shop. My mom made the curtains and crib skirt for us out of the red-checked gingham and my sister gave us the red wagon.

I just love how this room turned out!

For a peek at how we used a lot of this same furniture in Oscar’s Nursery, check out his nursery photos from 2009!

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North American Bear Co.

Thursday 21st of June 2012

I second Annie's comment -- love the new picture and bright pink sunnies! But most of all, I love this room! The NAB goodies in the corner are a nice touch, too! ;)


Thursday 21st of June 2012

What brand/type of mesh do you have around his crib? I've got the breathable bumpers but my 4 month old acrobat is already trying to pull (with hands and feet) them down. These look like EXACTLY what I need.

Annie @ Mama Dweeb

Wednesday 20th of June 2012

First - LOVE your new picture in your sidebar. SO CUTE! Next - his nursery is sooooo cute! Makes me wish I had a nursery for at least ONE of my kids. But never could. I will live vicariously through you :)

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