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The Untree Tree

This year, Jerry and I decided not to get a Christmas tree. We went around and around about whether to get a real one, fake one, when to go, how much to spend etc. But the bottom line was, we were gone the week of Thanksgiving, I was sick last week and we are going …

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Sneak Preview

Oscar is attending his very first wedding today! I thought it would be fun to get him a tie except all the ties I saw (in the one store I looked in) were zippers or clip-ons and too expensive for a one-time deal. So, I decided to make one! I found this pattern online through …

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I’ve been a sewing fool lately. In the past couple days I decided to make a shirt! I found the pattern online and I think it turned out pretty well. I used fabric I already had so it wasn’t optimal. I also didn’t have anything to contrast with so we’ll call this a trial run. …

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Chirp Chirp….

I had a wonderful fit of nesting last night and finished the nursery! Hooray! Don’t worry, my baby shower post is still to come, but I wanted to get these up here because now I can confidently and happily say it’s done! I think Baby U will like his new home 🙂

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Nursery Phase 2

So things are really coming together in the nursery! I have put together a few “corners” and even though I still need to hang some shelves and things, it’s starting to look like a real room! I love going in there and just sitting in my chair looking around. It gets the best light in …

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The AT Cure: Wind Up

SO I have now been through all 8 weeks of the Apartment Therapy Cure. It has been really fun and challenging to FINALLY get the spare room done! Just being able to leave the door open is an accomplishment! This week I put up some of the art and hung some mirrors. There are still …

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Rain and other updates..

So it has been raining for about 4 days now. We NEED the rain, but man if it doesn’t make me sleepy. AND lazy. I just don’t want to do anything! However, I have accomplished a few things in spite of my inner sloth. I moved my dresser to a different wall in the bedroom, …

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Spotlight: Invitations!

So now that the RSVP date has passed, I am going to finally post my invitations! My brother-in-law designed them with our request of “typewriter” font and then we added the bird stamps. We used both stamps so the invitation and envelope would have different birds. We used online RSVP through and email. It …

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An Un-Bridesmaids Lunch!!

Well I just got back from lunch and wanted to go ahead and post about my bridal luncheon before Jerry gets here for a fun filled afternoon of yard work!! We had a great time! Jessica, Kim, Sharon, and Kate met me at The Raleigh Times for a yummy lunch and time to catch up! …

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