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Coming down from the Disney high

by Andrea Updyke

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This isn’t going to be a post about Disney. Not really. There WILL be posts, you can be sure. But right now, on day one after spending a glorious week in Florida with old friends, new friends, and my wonderful family, I am just going to sit here and soak for a few.

Tuesday was our last full day at Disney. It was one of the warmest days and our exhaustion was catching up with us. We had been going strong for almost a week trying to pack in as much Disney fun as we could manage and the last day was just sort of coming up on the finish line. It was bittersweet at times, but mostly sweet.

Both boys managed an afternoon nap which was our saving grace. We had plans for a nice dinner at Epcot for our final evening and I was beginning to wonder how it would all go down. Thankfully, the boys were rested and the park was relatively quiet all things considered. We enjoyed our dinner, one more ride through Nemo and settled in for one last viewing of Illuminations. I think we finally found our groove that last night. It truly was magical.

last night epcot

But here we are, home again. The past week was very up and down for me at the happiest place on earth. I am in a season of questioning – my motivation, my goals, my dreams. I am trying to weed out the obligations from the things that truly bring me (and my family) joy. I am trying to discover what what is necessary versus what is just getting in everyone’s way. I have so many questions on  my mind and so far, very few answers.

This summer I plan to take a step back from blogging. Not a permanent thing and I am not shutting it down completely. But I will be scaling back on the number of posts and updates here in the hopes that I can reorganize my priorities and decide what I truly want to focus on.

This Fall, both boys will be in preschool a few mornings each week and I plan to have a set schedule that will work for us as a family. This is my hope anyway, and a serious goal. If you have ever read my work with me page, you will see that my number one priority has always been to be home and available for my children. That is still the case. As I had the chance to take a few days off and really spend time with them away from the obligations of home life I am renewed in that vision.

I have so much to share about the amazing Disney Social Media Moms conference, our travels to and from Florida and everything in between. Thank you so much for reading!


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