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The First 5 Places I look for My Missing Mojo

It’s been a while since I did a good old fashioned check-in and I think today is the day for that. Why? Well, I’ve been sick (allergies) for what seems like an eternity, the weather is playing tricks on all of us and as luck would have it, I, my missing mojo has left me very little energy.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post complaining about anything. I’m not doing that. This is however my current reality and this is where I share my reality so you know, welcome! Lucky you.

Whining aside, I thought I would share the places I tend to look for my mojo when it seems to have gone missing. You’ve been there, just like I have (and am and will be again one day). We move through it and we hang on. Because that’s what we do.

When I lose my mojo, here are the first five places I look for it. And if it’s still missing? Well, then I eat ice cream.

Instagram Stories

My #1 online destination these days is Instagram. Since the introduction of stories at the top of the feed, studies say people fall primarily into one of two categories. We either scroll horizontally or vertically. Vertical scrolling is for the typical feed. Those curated and unrealistic photos we can’t seem to get enough of. But the horizontal scroll is where I live. This is where stories are and if you ask me, it’s the only real place left on the internet.

This is where people share the not-so-beautiful moments, the real-talk and yes, even fun little quizzes like these this-or-that things I’m seeing everywhere. I mean who can resist this fun!? Who? Tell me.

This or That Instagram Story

I love scrolling through stories and replying (yes replying!) to friends and people I’ve never met in person. It can be a truly conversational and welcoming place if you let it. I’ve made new friends and built stronger friendships solely through stories. So yes, when I lose my mojo and need a little boost, Instagram is my jam!

It’s not always about the highlight reel over there. I promise.


Sometimes my missing mojo is really just a lack of creativity. I see and do basically the same things every day. It’s not a bad life, but sometimes an outside source or two is a nice way to get a little jumpstart.

I love a good book but reading hasn’t been at the top of my list lately dealing with these allergies. Focusing too long on words and pages makes me super sleepy. This isn’t a terrible thing but isn’t really helping in the mojo department at the moment. I do my best reading when I am already on a roll. This is not that time.

So I pick a show and binge-watch it. I’m a big fan of Netflix and my current obsession is Agents of Shield. it’s getting me super pumped for Infinity War (next week!) and it opens the doors of my brain to think about that crazy Marvel Universe so many of us know and love. It’s nice to give my mind something else to focus on.

Downtown Raleigh

You all know that I miss living in Florida and visit as often as I can. I’m going this weekend in fact. But travel isn’t always an option and the truth is, I love where we live. Raleigh is a beautiful place. Specifically for me, downtown Raleigh. I come alive whenever I get the chance to spend some time downtown.

Sir Walter Raleigh at Convention Center

Last weekend we went to BrickUniverse, which is a LEGO fan expo and just being there made me happy. I love the architecture, the sounds and all the new restaurants popping up all the time. It’s definitely my favorite place to be when I’m home.

Whenever I need a little creative spark, a walk downtown usually does the trick.

Lego Grumpy Cat

My Bed

A good night’s sleep is essential when my mojo is missing. And especially when my body feels bad too. I’ve been sleeping a lot more as I fight off these crazy allergies. I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on something but it’s all worth it when I wake up in the morning actually ready to start my day. That first few hours in the morning is my favorite time of day.

Take the Summer Sleep Challenge to improve your sleep habits and be more productive.

If you need to revamp your sleep experience, I have tips for that! Some might even call me a sleep evangelist. I truly believe it’s that important. (ok fine, no one has ever called me that)

A New Recipe

I enjoy cooking for my family and the boys are to a place now where they are (mostly) willing to try new things. Now that I’ve been using my Instant Pot for a few months, a new recipe is a fun way for me to feel creative when my mojo is stalled.

It gives my hands something to work with while not needing to come up with the actual ideas or recipes. All I have to do is buy ingredients and follow instructions but we all benefit from a tasty new meal.

Sausage Kale Keto Soup bowl Featured

Instant Pot Sausage Kale Soup

At the end of the day, we’re all doing the best we can. No one needs to feel guilty when the cycle hits a low point. We get to enjoy the high points because we know the difference. So when you’re feeling slow or behind or uninspired, keep moving, find the things that bring you joy, and trust that your mojo will return right when it is meant to. Because it will.

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When I lose my mojo, here are the first five places I look for inspiration. And if it's still missing? Well, then I eat ice cream.

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Thursday 19th of April 2018

I didn't know you were from Florida! I'm a former Florida native, born and raised in Miami. I can't say that I miss it as much as you do (it was just way too hot and congested for me) but there are days I miss all the restaurant choices and so many of my friends. I moved to NC in 2012 and now I live along the coast.

Andrea Updyke

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Yes! Florida born and raised for 20 years. I miss it all the time but we do love it here too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.