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Teach Kids Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire prevention week is here. Kids love learning about fire safety with Sparky the Fire Dog! Stay safe at home or get help in case of fire.

This post is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and Sparky the Fire Dog®

As a parent, teaching my boys about fire safety has always been important. But this year, with the purchase of our travel trailer, the conversation has become more relevant than ever.

Since we’re building a lot more campfires on the road, we’re having more conversations about safety around a recreational fire. And yes, the s’mores are good too!

When parked at home, we are learning how to make sure our electrical system can safely handle the load of powering our new RV.

This has lead to many teaching moments about how everything is connected and how we can protect our home and ourselves from fire.

One little spark could be enough to lead to a house fire, but there are lots of ways to stay safe.

Who is Sparky?

You might remember Sparky the Fire Dog from your own childhood.

In fact, he goes all the way back to 1951 and has been helping kids of all ages learn fire safety ever since.

Look familiar?

Sparky has had a few makeovers in the past few decades. Take a walk down memory lane to learn all about Sparky on his about page.

Let me know which one you remember!

Teach Kids Fire Safety with

The idea of a house fire is legitimately scary for kids and parents alike. I love the way Sparky.orgteaches safety in a clear, yet non-threatening way. uses online games, apps, videos, and printable activity sheets to teach kids of all ages how to react to the threat of fire.

Does your child know what a smoke alarm sounds like?

Every home should have smoke detectors. That said, if you never have to use them, many children don’t even know what to listen for.

One of my favorite online games is called Hear That? and it’s a sound matching game.

What I love is how they incorporate the sound of a smoke alarm in such a way that when kids hear that familiar chirp among other sounds, they have click on the door to exit the house to win the game.

As a mom, this reminds me that kids don’t know what they don’t know. It’s my job to remind them that we may be focusing on other things when we hear an alarm.

It’s crucial to stop what we are doing immediately and get outside.

The site also offers videos of real firefighters, where kids can learn about fire trucks and tips to keep your home safe.

Sparky has Resources for Parents Too

If you think Sparky is just for kids, think again! The National Fire Protection Association has also created resources for parents and educators to print and use.

Y’all know I love to print things out and there are some great worksheets on the site.

Head over to to print the following:

  • Winter Fire Safety
  • Portable Generator Safety Tips
  • Campfire Safety
  • DIY Home Fire Escape Plan
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • (…and more!)

There are even more online and printable resources to use at home or in the classroom at Sparky Schoolhouse.

As the winter months approach, now is a great time to check your home and make sure it’s safe.

Along with updating your smoke detector batteries, use this fire inspection checklist to get your home in tip top shape!



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