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I have a headache right now. I don’t think it is a caffeine headache, but it is a possibility. I went from around 4-5 caffeinated drinks/day down to just one travel mug of coffee in the morning when I switched jobs. Every once and a while I’ll have a diet coke in the afternoon/evening, but that’s about it. Though, I did have quite a bit yesterday so maybe it’s a slight withdrawal.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Jerry and I played in the band for all 3 morning services, which means we were there for roughly 6 hours. Mom and Dad came to the last service, so we had lunch together at Mellow Mushroom…which of course meant more caffeine. If you don’t have beer with your pizza, then surely you must have soda. It was delicious.

We went for a walk in the evening with Krusty when the weather was finally not too freezing and I spent the remainder of the night laying on my couch staring at the television.

It was a good weekend and hopefully this will be a good week! I have a few goals:

– Keep a positive attitude
– When I don’t want to wake up in the morning, think about why I am getting up. In order to live in a house that I love by working at a job that I was really blessed with.
– Be patient with others. (so simple, yet difficult)
– Don’t worry. Be Happy.

🙂 Have a great Monday !!

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Wednesday 11th of April 2007

Comments are below silly!! You crazy.

Gerald L. Updyke

Wednesday 11th of April 2007

i'll have to wait until she makes another post to comment on the one about the headache...

Gerald L. Updyke

Wednesday 11th of April 2007

it appears my comments are 1 post off. that is, the "comments" link on each post (at the top) is for the post above it. but since it falls within the lines separating each post from the next, i will continue doing it this way.

or maybe Angie is 1 off??

great pics of the Greenway! (1 post off)


Monday 9th of April 2007

-Be patient with others

Right now my kids are home for spring break. This one is a huge issue with me right now! Although it extends to the neighbors kids (when they ask me constant questions when I'm trying to do something) and anyone who gets in my way on the road!

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