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Into the Home Stretch – The Third Trimester

by Darcy

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It’s almost hard to believe it, but my due date is only 12 weeks away. Seems like only yesterday we were biding our time until we were 12 weeks along before being very public with our impending arrival.

Oh and it’s a boy! An ultrasound last week with a different tech and a better view made it pretty clear that he is in fact a he. I feel less crazy now – well in terms of the wondering. Now I want to go shopping for boy outfits with money I don’t have. Too bad we hadn’t bought more neutral newborn outfits when we had my daughter.

The good part is we are pretty well set for baby gear. I’m starting to get into nesting mode though. It’s finally hitting me that I need to prepare the nursery for TWO kiddos.

While they won’t be sharing the same room forever, they need to share it for now. So, I need to sort through my daughter’s old stuff and get rid of what we no longer need to hang on to. I was hesitant about it before since we were uncertain of baby’s sex. But now…I don’t see the point of storing boxes and boxes of girls clothes. We might try for a third, but who knows if that’ll be a girl or another boy?

Plus, we just don’t have the space to continue storing her outgrown things while accumulating new stuff for the boy. I’m a little unsure how to organize their stuff without spending a fortune, but I need to figure it out quick!

How long did you keep outgrown clothes and toys before cleaning house?

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melinda October 1, 2012 - 2:15 pm

I’m a little crazy about things like that so I clean out drawers and closets about 4 times a year, especially if things start getting unorganized and overflowing. If the kids can’t close their closet doors then something has to go.


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