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It’s Halloween Party Time!

Yesterday, we had our very first EVER Halloween Party. We invited lots of friends with (and without) kids and had a ball. We ended up with over 50 people! YIKES! It was the first time we have hosted a party since Oscar was born (I think) and I think it went really well. We love having people over and we haven’t done it NEARLY enough. So, as is custom for me, we jumped right back in head first!
The party was all about the kids so we had all the toys out and made goody bags and yummy snacks. I even made a few decorations for kicks. We had a chalk drawing area for the older kids and tried to cover the bases on kid friendly food. I’ll admit, I really didn’t do anything healthy. But hey, my job is to provide the bad-for-you treats that are required at this kind of shindig. You can double up on the broccoli at home 😉

Also, Suzanne brought an AMAZING pumpkin cake that her mom made and it was so, SO good. No one wanted to cut it because it was too pretty but once we found out it was pumpkin it was ALL over!

Oscar was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and he was adorable! I copied a costume I found online and I think it turned out pretty well! I really loved making his costume and while I am sure I won’t be able to do it every year, it was really fun this time. Jerry was the ‘nice green leaf’ and I was a ladybug.
We had an awesome time with friends that we don’t see nearly as often as we want. I would love to see a tradition come out of this! All of the kids (and the parents) looked amazing in their costumes! I would love to carry on and watch them all grow up together. We had so much fun!

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Laura Major

Wednesday 18th of August 2010

Those costumes are fabulous! Another super terrific idea! My kids and I always dressed as a theme for Halloween, but I NEVER could get my "husband" to join in the fun! ;)


Tuesday 3rd of November 2009

Looks like a wonderful time was indeed had by all!

Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade :o)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts

Monday 2nd of November 2009

it looks like the party was a big hit!! super cute


Monday 2nd of November 2009

Love that costume! So cute. Looks like a wonderful party.

Corrie Howe

Sunday 1st of November 2009

I love the face in the first photo and the last photo which looked like a giant caterpillar on your floor. Looks like you had a great party.

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