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Let’s get busy!

OK so you all know that I have been blogging about tackling my spare room project for some time now – well it’s time! I joined The Spring Cure from Apartment Therapy and I am securely on this bandwagon! So I’ll be keeping a record of my progress on this blog.

Here are the “befores”

My goals for the room are:

*paint the walls
*paint the furniture
*add curtains
* hang pictures/artwork

So there you have it. Jerry’s family is coming to visit in 6 weeks…Think I can do it???



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Monday 10th of March 2008

Thanks! The quilt is definitely the inspiration for the room. The walls will be that stone color (you can see a swatch under the window in one of the pictures) and I will accent with white and robin's egg blue.

The sofa will NOT be making it's home in this room. I plan to paint the side tables white and possible another piece (behind the sofa) - However, I might leave that one the wood color and simply update the knobs....we'll see. I am looking forward to the whole process!


Monday 10th of March 2008

Great quilt!!

Gerald L. Updyke

Sunday 9th of March 2008

get rid of the dog.

CQ in DC

Sunday 9th of March 2008

I really like that quilt. I am confused about the loveseat; is that staying in the room? What other furniture will you have to fit in there?

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