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Oh yeah….I’m Pregnant.

First belly shot! It begins.

So in all the vacation hubub, it’s been pretty easy to push this whole pregnancy thing to the back burner. Mind you, we’re still on the stove. Just not front and center. It’s also still pretty early to have very many symptoms so I was thankful for that (especially during the 11 hour drive). I will say that in addition to the frequent peeing, I have started to be really tired. I remember this well from my first trimester days with Oscar. Only this time, when I lay down to nap, nothing. happens. I can’t seem to sleep for anything! Hopefully that will change as the force of sheer exhaustion kicks in.

The other tell-tale sign of my growing little bean is the fact that I can cry at the drop of a hat. On the morning of the day we went to the Magic Kingdom we were standing in line to exchange our vouchers for tickets at the gate when we heard crying. We looked around and we saw parents and a couple of security guards surrounding a 4 or 5 year old boy who had a scrape on his forehead and was bleeding. He, of course, was freaking out but even from far away it didn’t seem too serious. Still, I literally burst into tears for this boy and his family and their now ruined Disney dream! It was quite the spectacle. We decided to finish the story in our heads by deciding he put a band-aid on it and had a great time. Either way, it mattered to me. A lot.

And now that we are home I am experiencing a mix of exhaustion and moodiness. It’s hard to tell if it is pregnancy or just your typical vacation letdown. I am just trying to coast  and let things normalize. There are moments of panic when I remember that I really am pregnant and I have to take deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths.



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Tuesday 13th of July 2010

Doing it the 2nd time around seems as if it would be very different but in a really good way....congratulations :) alison

Real Life Sarah

Wednesday 7th of July 2010

Well, congratulations! You are too cute! And I LOVE the design of your blog! How is it that this is my first time finding it?! My recent post Eye of the Poodle


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

Deep breaths are good. Keep it up. :)

Hope y'all had a fun vacation!! My recent post Guest post- Joanna and her hip-baby

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