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Pirates and Jedis and candy, oh my!

by Andrea Updyke

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Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 was so much fun! Our family had a great day together. We were pretty much non-stop for the whole day starting with the boys wearing their costumes to school! On a whim, I decided to dress as Mickey Mouse to pick them up and it was SO fun! Calvin loves Mickey and whenever I do my Mickey voice he gets shy like he is really talking to him. It’s so sweet.

And speaking of sweet, between their school party, trick-or-treating at Jerry’s office and roaming the neighborhood with friends that night, we have enough candy to last us all year. Seriously. It’s INSANE. Even Calvin partied like a rockstar! I am so glad we decided to keep him up. It was a blast!



Mickey Mama

Daddy Halloween

chicken hi5

Oscar and Liam

Oscar trick or treat

Cal trick or treat


How was your Halloween?

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